[Video Testimonial] Ryan Stanley: Why Did You Buy Passive Airbnb Course?

[Video Testimonial] Ryan Stanley: Why Did You Buy Passive Airbnb Course?

In this 1-minute video, you’ll learn the #1 reason why young entrepreneurs like Ryan Stanley bought my premium course.

Before I show you the video, I’d like to share a little bit about Ryan and his current background.

Ryan Stanley has a full-time job at a marketing agency and likes what he does, but is not super passionate about it. He found out about Airbnb Arbitrage from his friend and thought it was an interesting business idea, but wanted to find out more.

passive airbnb

Within a few weeks, he was doing his research on Google on his coffee table. And that was how he landed on my blog (Unsurprisingly, that’s how most of my students discover my blog).

His friend is making a killing on Airbnb so he too wants to create a massive passive income on Airbnb. He set his mind to make this happen. And within a couple months, he decided to purchase my course.

Truth to be told, Ryan wants to be an actor and can’t afford to quit his full-time job (not yet, at least). With the help of my course, he can quit his day job in less than 90 days!

He took the first step, which is always the hardest step. Ryan knows he has to do something to secure his financial future… And building a successful Airbnb business is his plan to get ahead.

Ryan is one of the many students who took my Passive Airbnb Premium Course. He reminds me of another student – Cho Yan (you can check out his testimonial here), who took my course because he wanted a new profitable business venture.

Hey, I get it…

It’s hard to learn a new skill. It wasn’t easy to get my first unit up and running. I’ve made a few costly mistakes early on (And I’ll teach you how to avoid them in my course.) …

When you go want to start a new business, there are many obstacles waiting ahead. On the minimal, you will have to research and learn about the new business. Cho and Ryan took my course because they knew my course would get them there much faster. 

Passive Airbnb

That’s Ryan taking off!

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Are you ready to take the lead of faith and start your own business? The first step is always the hardest…

And my course is here to help you to achieve your passive income goals. Check out Ryan’s video testimonial below. I also have a transcript if you just want to read it.


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Video Transcript:

Ryan: Why did I buy this course? Well, I bought this course because I really want to expand my earning potential beyond just what I can earn at my day job and hopefully secure my financial future.

Ryan: What did I like about the eCourse? Well, I liked that the course gives an introductory overview of the many areas that one needs to understand in order to be successful at having their own Airbnb business.

Ryan: Would I recommend this course to someone who is just starting out? I would recommend this course to someone who is just starting out and who doesn’t have the time or who doesn’t want to spend the time to do that thorough investigative research to understand all of those areas that you need to know about in order to have your successful business.


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