Airbnb Tips: Top 5 Headaches From Airbnb Professional Hosts

Recently, I joined a Facebook group and it has over 8,000 Airbnb hosts. I spent hours on it going through previous threads to find the most common problems and challenges that current hosts are experiencing.

In this post, I’m trying something different. I’ll attach a screenshot of the problem listed by a real person and will offer my insights on how to overcome these challenges. These are the top 5 most common themes that I found. I had to blur out the names just to protect their identities.

Airbnb Tips: Number #1 – How to list higher and convert more bookings

Airbnb Tips

This host has been hosting for a while. She’s wondering how to increase visibility on her listing while converting more bookings. This is a common problem, especially if your listing is not in a popular location.

In order to have a higher visibility, the listing has to follow a set of rules. If you are able to follow these rules, then the likelihood of your listing getting booked will also increase. Luckily, I have already written about this. You can check it here and here.

Here is another host that is having the same issue…

The top 5 Headaches from Airbnb Professional Hosts

Here are the links again: here and here.

Airbnb Tips: Number #2 – What do I do if guests aren’t leaving reviews

The top 5 Headaches from Airbnb Professional Hosts

As a new host, you’ve worked so hard to get your listing up and running. Now, you’re expecting the cash to start pouring in. You get a few reservations, but guests aren’t leaving you reviews. As I have mentioned before, Airbnb leverages reviews as their police, so it is critical to get reviewed so that Airbnb trusts your listing.

There are a few simple ways you can boost your review rate by guests. You have to be careful not to come off as pushy. Here are my top 3 takeaways:

  1. In your welcome message, remind them that why a 5-star review is important. Be human and try to help your guests see from your position.
  2. Check in with your guests. This will always give you extra points. Your goal as a host is always to provide 5-star service.
  3. Do not call the guests, if step 1 and 2 failed. Send them a kind follow-up note.

If all these steps failed, then perhaps you should just let that review go. If you are too pushy to try to get a review, then most likely the review will not work out in your favor. I’d rather have no review than a bad review.

Airbnb Tips: Number #3 – Cleaning

Airbnb Tips: Top 5 Headaches From Airbnb Professional Hosts

I outsource cleaning 99% of the time. It has been a life-saver.

I used to clean my own unit. After about 2 weeks, I started to get bored of doing the same cleaning routine over and over again. That’s when I decided to outsource my cleaning responsibilities.

Where do you find maids or cleaners?

When I first started, I contacted local cleaning companies. That was a mistake.

Cleaning companies did not provide the type of cleaning that I needed to get done for my Airbnb units. All of the cleaning companies just wanted to do the basic cleaning and couldn’t wash my beddings.

Essentially, I needed cleaners to provide what hotels maids provided. So, I started to Google around for full-service maids. I was able to find a few local companies, but they wanted to charge me $150 dollars per clean.

That didn’t make sense economically. I didn’t want to charge my guests a hefty 150 cleaning fees. Most of the hosts in my area charge around 60-80 dollars- a much more reasonable number.

There is a better way than calling around. If you’re curious about my ultimate guide to outsourcing cleaning in 5 minutes, then you should read this post. It’s a detailed how-to post.

A slightly different situation below, but nonetheless around the same theme…

Airbnb Tips: Top 5 Headaches From Airbnb Professional Hosts

Pro-tip: always charge for extra cleaning. If the guests request it, they pay for it.

Airbnb Tips: Number #4 –  80 days Vs. 1 day?

airbnb tips

Oh man… my heart cringed when I read this. You’d be surprised how often something like this happens. It happened to me twice.

What would you do?

If you’re running it like a business, then it’s time to put on your business hat! Ask yourself, which potential revenue is greater? 80 days vs 1 day? It’s a no-brainer for me. I would cancel the 1-day reservation and offer her full refund… Done!

Airbnb Tips: Number 5 – HOA is bogging you down

This was a hidden gem. I found it just before I was about to call it a day and wrap up my research.

airbnb tips

I love this one response because it was a game changer. She said it perfectly.

Airbnb Tips: Top 5 Headaches From Airbnb Professional Hosts

If you’re a homeowner and is dealing with HOA, then perhaps give this option a try!

Last Words

Be resourceful when challenges come up! I’d always do my research and be prepared.

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  • CommanderMoney
    Posted at 21:33h, 10 December Reply

    Love love love the HOA tip. HOA’s will try to blanket clause things with vague statements. If the HOA wants they are able to put a clause that states no Short Term Rentals though which could quickly put an end to operations. HOA’s do have meetings and can set the rules for the community which makes me consider just staying away from them entirely. Unless you know someone from the board or can sweet talk the angry person with some “compensation” then you may find yourself in a sweet spot.

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