4 Tech Devices To Provide Your Airbnb Guests (and 3 To Avoid)

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Travelers today expect more than just a bed in their vacation rental. To provide an exceptional, contemporary experience you should equip your Airbnb with useful tech devices. We’ve put together the four “must-haves” for your Airbnb — and a few gadgets you should avoid!

Best Tech For Airbnbs

Phone Chargers

Phone chargers are a basic necessity of modern life. Such a small item can have a huge impact on the success of a vacation. We rely on our phones for so much these days. When the phone goes dead, it can have dire consequences. Make sure to have a phone charger available at your property. Multi-plug chargers are your best bet. They cater to different phone models without creating clutter from multiple plugs.

Plug Adaptors

As with phone chargers, plug adapters are a travel essential. This is another small and inexpensive piece of tech that can make your guest stays smoother. A multi-country adapter is the easiest way to provide options for all guests.

Smart Heating

Temperature can be a make or break issue when traveling. No one wants a bad review because their property was too hot or too cold. Smart thermostat control is a great way to provide easy temperature control for guests. Remember, not all guests are tech-savvy.  Be sure to provide clear instructions for using any smart heating devices.

Top Tip: Technology isn’t always reliable. We recommend keeping a small basic heater and a small basic fan available as backup. That way you’re always prepared in case the thermostat breaks down or guests don’t know how to use these high-tech devices.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are helpful for both both hosts and guests. They cut down the time and effort spent doing a manual key exchange. Some come with video technology. This allows you to see who unlocked the door via an app. (Please note: As long as the lock is outside, it’s considered an outdoor camera. Therefore, it does not violate any privacy regulations.) This handy technology helps avoid Airbnb nightmares such as bait and switch bookings or unwanted parties. You only give guests limited access. After check out time, they no longer have access.

Worst Tech Devices For Airbnbs

Upgrading your rental property with ALL the latest technology is not a good idea. There are some tech devices you must avoid.

Remote Assistants

Surprisingly, we don’t recommend outfitting your Airbnb with an Amazon or Google assistant. With the recent controversy about these devices “listening” in on people’s conversations, it could become a privacy issue to have one in your rental. This is currently a grey area in Airbnb’s rules around recording devices. Additionally, most assistants need to be set up to a specific account. This could become a hassle and limit the usefulness of the device. 

top tech for airbnb


We’ve covered the issues that surround cameras in previous articles. Airbnb considers most cameras a breach of privacy. Outdoor security cameras are allowed (Check out our guide to The Best Outdoor Security Cameras for more info.), but no cameras should be inside — that includes nanny cams and baby monitors.

Complicated Smart Homes

Smart homes can be fantastic at residential addresses. However, it can take time to learn how to use these systems. State of the art technology can be overwhelming for guests. If you have a smart home you should disable any smart features that may cause problems. Systems like Nest try to program the schedule to your patterns. Since your renters will have different usage patterns and different preferences, there’s no point using tech that has a learning algorithm.

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