Superhost Tools for Airbnb Hosts

SuperHost Tools: Smart Admin Outsourcing for Airbnb Hosts

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As you know, I’m a huge fan of outsourcing the tasks and admin associated with running an Airbnb business. If you want to scale your short-term rental business, you can’t spend all your time managing bookings, customer messages, reviews and pricing. But someone has to manage these time-consuming tasks, and that’s where Superhost Tools comes in.

What Is Superhost Tools?

Superhost Tools is a digital service provider built by an Airbnb host for Airbnb hosts. Superhost Tools is easy to use and has many tools for tasks you need to manage, but can (and should!) be outsourcing.

Why Should You Use It?

Superhost Tools offers automated features that make your hosting life easier. It’s also one of the most affordable digital Airbnb management services on the market. We’ll dive into some of the best features available. These include dynamic pricing, pre-approval, automated messaging and more. Take advantage of the no-commitment 30-day trial and test out these features yourself and start outsourcing your admin tasks.

Dynamic Pricing

Superhost Tools Dynamic Pricing outsourcing

Pricing your Airbnb can be a time-consuming process. Some hosts know the peak seasons in their market. If you’re hosting in a ski village, you’ll know the months you can charge more for your property. But what about everyone else? How can you keep track of all the holidays, events and weather fluctuations in your location?

There are many factors that could affect pricing in your area. Are the other rentals in your neighborhood booked for a big game? Does your occupancy rate drop because you’ve priced your property too high off season. You could be losing out on potential profit without you even knowing it!

Superhost Tools uses a rule-based pricing engine with Airbnb’s Smart Pricing data. This allows you to have dynamic pricing that doesn’t under- or over-price your listing. You maximize your rental income by configuring your prices to match your listing.

You keep complete control over the final pricing. For example, you can apply automatic price increases on the weekends. Or you can lower prices when there’s a gap between bookings to keep your occupancy rate high.

Effectively managed pricing can have a big impact on your ROI. User Mathew Dubrow says “After using Superhost Tools to adjust my prices. My profits have increased by over 24% compared to last year.”

Booking Management

Once your dynamic pricing draws a customer in, you want to optimize your booking and response rates to manage interest. You can use the pre-approval feature to keep your response rate low. The feature works by automatic pre-approval your inquiries and message responses. You can reduce “booking leaks” with automatic follow up on expired guest inquiries.

Superhost Tools Automatic Communication outsourcing

Automated Communication

5-star ratings and positive feedback are essential for a successful Airbnb business. Customers expect perfect, consistent communication before, during and after their stay. Average communication is no longer good enough.

To score top-rated reviews you must offer your customers a seamless experience. That experience starts from the moment they request a booking.

Superhost Tools allow you to automate personalized messages for your guests. You can send your guest a customized welcome email. Remind them of their check-in time. Or provide key collection instructions and other pertinent details.

Send another message during their stay checking everything is okay. For a last-minute booking, send a different message providing urgent information right away.

Automated messaging saves you a huge amount of time while providing exceptional service. User Sam Gordon uses the service to manage over a hundred listings. Sam says he “can’t imagine managing an Airbnb without the automated messaging tool. Highly recommended!”

Review Reminders

Superhost Tools Review Reminders outsourcing

You provided an amazing experience for your guests. But there’s no guarantee that they remember to write a review. The stress and pressures of travel can make guests forget, even if they had a fantastic stay. Superhost Tools lets you automatically send guests a review reminder — before the review period expires.

Want to make a difference in your ratings? Follow up while a positive experience is still fresh in a guest’s mind. Superhost Tools user Heather Thompson has seen amazing results using the review reminders tool. Heather says, “Since I started using Superhost Tools to send automated messages to each guest I’ve gotten nothing but 5-star reviews.”

What’s Not Included

As I talk about in this post, most outsourcing management options aren’t all-inclusive. But Superhost Tools is quite comprehensive.

Superhost Tools can’t provide in-person property inspections or cleaning services. But it can help you manage a cleaner or co-host. It does this by sending automated text messages every time you get a new booking. It will send another message to remind your crew on the morning of the cleaning.

You will always need to play an active role in managing your property. Even Superhost Tools can’t provide a completely hands-off management service. But it’s a great tool for hosts who want to reduce admin time and maximize profits on their rental.

Superhost tools for outsourcing airbnb tasks

The Verdict

Superhost Tools is for hosts who want to maximize their time but plan to remain involved in managing their property. The PassiveAirbnb team loves the tools and features available from this service. And we’re not alone. Capterra users give Superhost Tools a 4.8-star rating. That places it above many other popular Airbnb management software providers.

You can use the tool to manage multiple listings. And at $5 per listing a month, it’s a very affordable option for scaling your short-term rental business.

To grow your Airbnb empire, it’s important to include outsourcing some of your time-consuming tasks. Stop wasting your time with repetitive messages and price adjustments. Start your trial of Superhost Tools today!

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