How Much Is Your Superhost Status Worth on Airbnb?

Did Superhost status help you earn more bookings? Apparently, your Superhost status is worth more in certain areas than the other.

When I first became a Superhost, I was really excited because I was finally able to max out my bookings. The reality was turned out to be quite different. My occupancy rate didn’t improve that much. I wasn’t charging more than my competitors because when I did try, my bookings would slow down.

So, I wrote a blog post on is becoming an Airbnb Superhost worth it? Since then, other superhosts started to write to me.

Mainly, they disagreed with my conclusion that Superhost status is not worth the hassle. I was flustered and decided to investigate.

Below are my findings.


Superhost status worth on airbnb

In 2016 Airbnb released their Superhost status program to reward hard-working hosts with VIP status. But just how much is it worth to have this status?

As a host, I have had Superhost status for almost eight months now. While it has not been personally beneficial, trends are suggesting that it may be worth your while.

Airbnb has previously stated that being a Superhost would allow the host to obtain benefits. This includes items like better search placement and booking conversions. Overall, this means the promise of more revenue for you and your business.

Why Does the Superhost Airbnb Status Exist?


Superhost Status Worth on Airbnb
Airbnb created the program in response to the weak overall experiences on the platform. By maintaining and holding hosts accountable to a standard it had a better way to track quality lodging locations.

The previous rating system held by Airbnb performed poorly in deciphering between those starting out and professionals. At the time, over 80% of the properties available were achieving a 4.5-star rating.

This low standard of judgment left guests using the system feeling unsure when attempting to select premium hosting property. By starting up the Superhost program, Airbnb hoped to solve this issue.

How Do I Become An Airbnb Superhost?

To be considered a Superhost Airbnb, you must first meet the necessary basic requirements.

Superhost status worth on airbnb

  • Your Overall Rating: 4.7+
  • Response Rate: 98%+
  • Cancellations: 0/year
  • Essential Amenities: Towels, Bed Sheets, Soap, Toilet Paper, and Pillows

In a way, these requests seem like common sense, and hopefully simple to maintain. One thing important to note is that Airbnb audits hosts around every quarter (three months). Keep an eye out for Airbnb’s scheduled evaluations.

In comparison, these are the requirements for a Superhost:

Superhost status worth on airbnb

  • Your Overall Rating: 4.8+
  • Response Rate: 90%+
  • Cancellations: 0/year
  • 5-Star Reviews: 80%+
  • Have a minimum of 10 trips hosted in a year.
  • Have 50%+ of your guests review you.


The assumed thought process behind this program is to provide what Airbnb considers to be a predictable level of service. They want to reward a status that has the possibility of leading to more bookings and revenue.

Tips To Help Accelerate You To Superhost Airbnb Status

Superhost status worth on airbnb

1.) Set Up Clear Expectations

While the status may hold the word “super”, you don’t have to have a condo on the beach to achieve it. There is absolutely no shame in writing that your house is a functional, clean, and basic place to rest for the night.

Be honest and in-depth with the details that you add to your description. There is no harm in stating the obvious points about your location. Every little bit helps to let your guests know what they’re getting into ahead of time. This way they will know that your place is a perfect fit for them and will cancel less often.

Here are some points hosts often neglect to mention in their listings:

  • Is the apartment being shared? If yes, with who? Does the host work from home?
  • Does the apartment have stairs/steps? Is their elevator/wheelchair access?
  • Are pets allowed? Are service animals?
  • Is there construction or noise in the area?
  • Are neighbors or streets near the apartment noisy?
  • How flexible are you with guests bringing more people over?
  • What is the parking like?
  • Have you let the guests know about any house rules?

2.) Treat Airbnb Like A Business

Your Airbnb is your business and needs to be treated as such. This opportunity is not just having strangers crash over at your place or an easy way to get cash. Your Airbnb involves a financial transaction and a summary where guests rate and review your service.

Everything you do with your business, every review you receive, will affect your future transactions and earnings. Even if your guests hit a few pet peeves, it’s probably not a great idea to nag them while they’re staying at your place.

There’s always something a sacrifice to be made when it comes to business.

If a guest is ever inconvenienced by me or my mistakes, I often offer reasonable refunds before the stay is over to make up for any unease caused. When it comes to pricing, guests pay fees, and it is imperative to consider this.

The satisfaction of your guests is based on perceived value, not the actual amount of what your place is worth. If your guests are not leaving a five-star review it can mean that they do not think what you’re offering is a worthwhile deal.

3.) Go Above And Beyond

During my stays using Airbnb, I have encountered both wonderful and terrible hosts. Running out of toilet paper or not having an extra blanket or space heater around in the dead of winter is probably going to hurt your ratings.

Maintaining a clean environment and being flexible to accommodations will take you far. If space is meant to be functional, it’s not necessary to provide breakfast but offering a cup of coffee can go a long way.

Unfortunately one of the main reasons for the failure of Superhost Airbnb status is not receiving enough reservations. The quality of the stay being is second. The value of your location makes an incredible difference between normal and Superhost status.

The Effects of Superhost Airbnb Status

Superhost status worth on airbnb

To be completely honest, Airbnb holds the reigns when it comes to the success of their hosts. As mentioned previously, being a Superhost is supposed to help give your listing more views. With the data others have observed, it seems that there’s only a 5% improvement in Superhost properties.

On a nightly basis, data shows that Superhost Airbnb is actually charging less. However, this is made up for with an increase in their occupancy. Studies show that they have around 80% higher occupancy rate.

So while the views haven’t necessarily increased, it seems that a Superhost Airbnb has a better balance between nightly rate and occupancy. This leads to the idea that dynamic pricing is critical to achieving Superhost Airbnb status.

When it comes down to it, Revenue per Available Rental (RevPAR) is one of the best metrics for comparing property performance. Superhosts globally earn over a little bit over 50% more revenue per day available. This is due to the ability to book twice as often as a normal Airbnb.

Where Does Being A Superhost Airbnb Matter the Most?

While there has been no advantage with short-term rentals in the city, the big business comes from leisure travel. The Caribbean/Latin American market demonstrates this trend with higher levels of RevPAR.

Data collected has shown that places like Panama have over 100% and even Colombia is close to 160% RevPAR. If in a prime location for leisure travel, becoming a Superhost Airbnb should be your top priority.

This is especially true for locations that are emerging tourist areas with large metropolitan areas. Safety is a big concern for guests that are trying to book.

What to Take Away From This

Superhost status worth on airbnb

Becoming a Superhost takes some time and patience, but don’t give up! While you may not receive more page views data does show an increase in booking with the status.

Putting in the time and effort necessary can help you gain a higher occupancy rate and more revenue per available day with the right strategy.

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