Passive Airbnb STRMarketplace

We’re living through the most interesting times right now. Amid COVID-19, the most difficult time for the travel industry lies new opportunities for the short-term rental industry. 
I’m excited to announce that we’re releasing our STRMarketplace!

What is Passive Airbnb STRMarketplace?

It’s a marketplace where Passive Airbnb connects existing Airbnb operators who are offloading some or all of their units to our network of Airbnb investors that are looking to expand into new cities. 
Passive Airbnb STRMarketplace also connects existing landlords that would like to lease their properties (long-term) to an experienced Airbnb entrepreneur. 
Are you a Short Term Rental Operator, Investor, or Landlord looking to sell, offer, or sign a long-term master leases?  
We’re here to help connect you to the right people.
Fill out the appropriate application below, and we’ll reach out to you within 48 hours of your submission. 


Selling your STR Operations?



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Are you an Investor?


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Landlord or Airbnb Entrepreneur looking to sign a long-term lease?



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