Romantic Getaway

Romantic Getaway: How to Transform Your Airbnb for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day falling on a Friday and President’s Day the following Monday, this year offers your best opportunity to list your rental as a romantic getaway. Some properties are naturally romantic, with a great view or a hot tub all set. But even without those features, you can create a memorable stay for your guests who are looking for romance.

Romanticize Your Listing

There are several ways you can market your property to lovers in your listing and images.

Emphasize romantic features

Include any romantic features about your property in your description and images. Romantic elements can be location-based, such as a great view or a secluded location. Strong selling points can also be features or amenities in your property, like a king bed, hot tub, spa bath, or wildflower garden.

Your property doesn’t need to be secluded in the woods to be romantic. Even if you’re in the heart of the city, woo potential guests with descriptions of local romantic restaurants, theaters, and other ‘date night’ attractions.

Romantic Getaway

Use romantic language

Poetry is the language of love, so be poetic in your descriptions. Infuse your description with words like ‘romantic’ or ‘perfect for couples.’ Rather than ‘remote,’ use language such as ‘secluded’ and ‘private.’

Paint a picture of how lovers can enjoy your property with each other. Describe a cozy night sharing a bottle of wine in front of a roaring fireplace. Or suggest breakfasting on that charming patio.

Offer special rates

You may want to offer a special rate to couples over Valentine’s Day to make your property more competitive. Your occupancy rates will help you determine the need for dynamic pricing.

Create an atmosphere of romance

You don’t have to do an extensive remodel to provide that spark of romance that couples are looking for. Simple, inexpensive decorative touches will do the trick.

Mood lighting

Candles are the ultimate romantic lighting and needn’t be expensive. Scents are highly personal, so provide guests with simple candles that cast a gorgeous glow over your house or apartments without an overpowering fragrance. Place candles in fireplaces, on tables, nightstands, and bathrooms. Don’t forget a lighter or matches.

If traditional candles aren’t suitable in your space you can still set the mood. Avoid harsh, bright lighting. Battery operated candles and LED Smart Lights are great options for romantic lighting.

Don’t forget outside! Pretty path and patio lighting can create an extra special setting. If your weather is moderate, provide outdoor lamps and candles. Set path lighting on timers or use solar lights so guests can return from their romantic dinner following a magically lit pathway

Romantic Getaway

Pretty bedding and bath

Valentine’s Day calls for crisp, white sheets with a high thread count. Add some carefully placed throw pillows for an extra pretty touch. If you want to permanently market your property as a romantic getaway, invest in a king size bed with comfortable mattresses or even a picturesque canopy bed.

Too often the bathroom is a forgotten, minimalist space. You can easily transform your bathtub into a spa-worthy setting. Bath trays are a simple addition to your bathroom that makes a big difference. They can hold candles, special bath bombs or salts — and even a wine glass for some extra relaxation.

Add some massages devices to make your bathroom even more spa-like. And don’t forget a plush towels and luxurious spa robes!

Go The Extra Mile

There are a lot of little things you can do to surprise and delight your guests. The glowing reviews of their romantic getaway at your property will be worth the effort.

  • Bottle of wine or champagne Providing a bottle of wine or champagne for guests will make their Valentine’s Day feel even more special. Have champagne chilling in a beautiful ice bucket with glasses at the ready.
  • Fresh strawberries Set some fresh ripe red strawberries out with your champagne for some bonus points. Few things are more romantic than strawberries and champagne.
  • Roses The quintessential flower of love! Whether a single bloom in a bud vase or a full dozen American Beauties on the dining table, your guests will have no doubt that they are in their own romance novel.
  • Recommendations to local romantic venues Let your guests know the best places to dine (or even the best places to kiss!) in town. Consider partnering with restaurants, wine tasting rooms or area spas to offer a complete package to your guests.
  • Romantic music Why not have some romantic mood music playing when guests arrive? It’s not hard to put on a romantic Spotify playlist, and it will set the scene for a relaxing, romantic weekend ahead.
Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway doesn’t necessarily have to be frilly. Your rustic setting can spell enchantment for couples in love as well. For more ideas and inspiration, check out 10 of Airbnb’s Most Romantic Valentine’s Day Listings.

Creating a romantic setting is just one way to upgrade your rental. For more ways to improve your Airbnb business in 2020, check out our list of goals and resolutions for the year ahead.

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