Landlord Pitch Deck (Presentation)


So, why is this pitch deck important?

When you are first starting out, no one knows who you are (and that is completely okay). 

The only way to stand out and be professional is to write an extremely personalized value proposition and email it to the landlord on why they should work with you.

Most of the times, they won’t respond. And guess what? That is okay too.

When you send out 10 emails, expect 60~80% of them to either flat out reject you and laugh in your face or they’ll never respond.

Side note: I’ve tested a system that I’ve developed in my 4 years working as a high-performing sales rep and implemented the exact tactics that I used in this business. And it will instantly increase your response rate by 30~50%. I’ll save this for another post. 🙂

Now, I’m going to tell you that outreach is labor intensive. It takes time because you have to personalize your outreach. In your personalized outreach email, if you do your job right and show them that you understand their concerns and are able to address it, then most of the times, they’ll want more information.

They will want either one of these two things:

  1. Do you have more information that you can send me about you or your business?
  2. Can you share a sublease agreement for me to review?

Well, don’t mess up the only chance you get to make a great impression from all of the work that you’ve done thus far. And you’ve done a lot.

This is where the pitch deck will be extremely useful for you. Here are the reasons why.

  1. I’ve spent hours screening and hiring a professional graphic designer to create this template.
  2. It was created by a professional designer who’s had 10+ years of experience working with brands and companies.
  3. I paid her hundreds of dollars.
  4. This template has 10 slides and each slide has its specific purpose to build trust and credibility with the landlord. Although, you don’t need to send the whole pitch deck and I highly suggest you go through it once and figure out what you need. Again, your goal is to further personalize this template.

How to customize your pitch deck:

  1. Go to Google Slides with the link presented to you
  2. Copy it over to your own Google Drive
  3. Open your own version of the pitch deck
  4. Customize and personalize


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