Landlord Outreach Email Template


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This is an outreach template to potential landlords. My students and I all use this template to do outreach whenever we want to get additional units.


This template is for:


  • a current host that’s struggling to pitch to landlords on why they should work with you
  • an entrepreneur that’s looking for a proven outreach template to nail down the proper value proposition
  • or someone like Tony.

This is Tony. Tony is an engineer that works for one of the biggest biotech firms in America. Unfulfilled from his job, Tony set out to look for more. He wanted to be his own boss.

Tony was researching rental arbitrage and found my blog.

In Tony’s own words: “I found you by chance while doing some research on rental arbitrage. And I read almost all of your blog posts. I didn’t purchase your course per se but I purchased the landlord outreach and shopping list (which was pretty useful so thanks).”

Tony, thanks so much for the support.