Airbnb House Rules Template

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Looking for the perfect Airbnb house rules template? Or simply a cheat sheet that is well structured so you can just fill in the blanks?

We got you covered with our Airbnb House Rules Template.

Also, we use this template internally, so anytime we get a new property, we’ll replace new property information from the sheet.

It’s saved us a lot of time, to say the very least. This house rules template includes everything you’d need!

Areas Covered in Template

We covered the following areas:

  • Overview of rules
  • Parking instructions
  • Locking the Airbnb
  • Smoking rules
  • Trash disposal
  • Dish washing instructions
  • Extra guests
  • Parties or events
  • Pets
  • Broken items
  • Check out procedures

You can also easily add or delete sections as necessary for your Airbnb rental.

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You may experience issues downloading the template if you’re on a mobile phone. For a better experience, please use a desktop. Contact us if it’s not working for you and we’ll send you the PDF via email.