Airbnb Guest Review Template (Positive + Negative)


You want to review your guests (good and bad) but struggle to find a way to say it? Here’s your cheat sheet.

We’ve created this Airbnb Guest Review Template to solve this problem. As a bonus, we even created a step-by-step guide to help you deal with a negative review.

In this Airbnb Guest Review template, you’ll get 5 standard templates that cover:

  • 5-star Airbnb guest review
  • 4-star Airbnb guest review
  • 3-star Airbnb guest review
  • 2-star Airbnb guest review
  • 1-star Airbnb guest review

The template is extremely easy to use and all you have to do is to save it to a Doc (I prefer Google) then edit them to your own needs. Best of all, this template will save you hours…

*All Sales Are Final*

**No substitutions for other templates without prior approval**

You may experience issues downloading the template if you’re on a mobile phone. For a better experience, please use a desktop. Contact us if it’s not working for you and we’ll send you the PDF via email.

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