[à la carte] 7-week master training on Airbnb Arbitrage


Hey, maybe you don’t need a 7-week masterclass. Maybe you just need a 1-week masterclass. This is the perfect option for you if that’s the case.

You can choose any week a la carte from the 7-weeks worth of masterclass.

This is the direction to purchase, please read.

  1. Purchase the class pass
  2. Forward me the receipt along with your desired week from any of the 7-week masterclass to sam@www.passiveairbnb.com
  3. You’ll receive an access pass from me.

That’s it. Simple as 1,2,3.

Here’s the link to check out the 7-week masterclass: https://passive-airbnb.teachable.com/p/passive-airbnb-premium-course-member/

You can also view each week using the product gallery images to the left of the screen.

**Please read our TOS before purchasing and all sales are final**

You may experience issues downloading the template if you’re on a mobile phone. For a better experience, please use a desktop. Contact us if it’s not working for you and we’ll send you the PDF via email.

A La Carte is not subjected to our 45-day unbeatable money-back guarantee.


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