Introducing Passive Airbnb STRMarketplace

In the middle of difficult lies oportunity.

Albert Einstein

I love that quote. The current COVID-19 pandemic reflects this exact sentiment by one of the smartest guys ever lived. It’s no doubt that the travel industry is taking a nosedive. From my personal experience, my revenue in April dropped to ZERO, but May is picking up again.

The national shelter-in-place caused the most dramatic and artificial freeze across nations. I, along with billions of others have suffered. While this is the sad truth, but on the other side, there’s hope.

I have seen our community rally and hosts offer each other support like never before. I have seen some areas picking up in bookings since the reopening. And even landlords who are traditionally opposed to short-term rentals are now reaching out to me on the daily to ask if I know of any experienced Airbnb entrepreneurs to lease their properties long-term.

The short-term rental market was due for a correction. 3 of the largest players have either gone out of business or scaled down their operations drastically.

This is an opportunity for the newcomers to carve out their own slice of the pie. And because of this, I’d like to introduce Passive Airbnb STRMarketplace.


We are building a new way to connect investors to sellers, and landlords to our network of experienced Airbnb entrepreneurs.

This is truly an exciting time!

It’s been a pleasure for me to not only witness but also an opportunity to serve our market with a much-needed product.

If you’re looking to sell or buy, please check out our newest STRMarketplace.

If you are a landlord and would like to sign a lease with our network of experienced Airbnb entrepreneurs, please check out our STRMarketplace.

And if you’re newcomer that would like to get connected with a landlord, please go and check out STRMarketplace.

We built this for you.

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