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[Passive Airbnb Case Study #2] Ray Licardo

Ray Licardo recently started his journey in Airbnb Arbitrage.

He is on his quest to achieve Passive Airbnb Arbitrage $10k Club.

Passive Airbnb Arbitrage’s goal is to reach the year average of 4050% profit and automate the day-to-day operations like guest management and cleaning.

Please note that his landlord pays for electricity and gas, so here the monthly costs expenses in the first table.

Next few screenshots are his actual costs.

Furniture Rental -185
Blast Pro Internet -115
Guest Welcome Basket (Estimated Monthly) -200
Rent -3000
TOTAL -3500

DEC PAYOUT: $5455.09 (86% Occupancy)
A very good start.
JAN PAYOUT: $3296 (55% Occupancy)
This is normal for January.
FEB PAYOUT: $7860 (86% Occupancy) (screen-shot below)
Getting the hang of it! A True example of Airbnb Arbitrage.
Passive Airbnb Case Study Ray Licardo payout 2019
MAR PAYOUT: ~$6000 (screen-shot below)
APRIL PAYOUT: ~$5000 (screen-shot below)
MAY Expected: $9,904 
*One thing that I want to point out is that if you get a new unit up and running and even if it’s in the last day of the month, Airbnb will automatically add in the days in the month. This is a design flaw and I’ve reached out to Airbnb about this.
It’s the reason why you’ll see Ray has a below normal occupancy rate.*
April Update: Ray’s Second unit. His expenses for the second unit are the same as the first one.

Ray, March, April, May

June Update: Ray grossed over $12k in May and over $10k in June. His gross revenue is at $47.5k.
Passive Airbnb Case Study Ray Licardo payout 2019

Ray’s A/C was down so he had to block a couple of days to fix it.

Passive Airbnb Case Study Ray Licardo payout 2019

Officially, Ray has made it into our Passive Airbnb $10k Club.   Congratulations, Ray. Hard work pays off!   We’ll give you guys another update in a few weeks.

Here are Ray’s Stats from October 2019:

October Stats
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