Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests

The Best Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests in 2019

5-Star reviews and a Superhost status are the dreams of any Airbnb host. We all strive to impress our guests from the moment they click our listing. But, what happens when they get through the door? 

Can you keep up your guests’ expectations of quality?

It’s no secret that happy guests mean high-quality reviews! So, how do we keep our guests as relaxed as possible? An in-home spa. Sounds expensive, right? It doesn’t have to be.

Traveling can be a time where stress and tensions are high. To make a great first impression, here are some of the top-rated and overall best massage devices for Airbnb Guests in 2019.

Best Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests #5: Handheld Head And Scalp Messager

Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests

I was skeptical at first, wondering how many people would find this strange device relaxing. 

After giving it a go, it’s incredible how much it helps to relieve stress! The key is in the blood circulation. There’s a deep sense of relaxation that happens every time the acrylic-tipped spindles move up and down your scalp. It’s an at-home and simple way to tap into your head’s acupressure points.

The best part is how easy it is to customize the device for different head sizes. This accessibility of the massager can, however, be limited for those that have problems raising their arms. In this case, it would work best if they had the assistance of another traveler.

We’ve previously talked about how a stellar sleep experience can make all the difference to your guests’ stay. With the reduction of stress and focus on the head, the product guarantees to help increase a good night’s rest and improve sleep quality. I think I might need to pick one up for my own home.

Verdict: We’re Left Scratching Our Heads

Pros: An inexpensive and easy item to add to a guest package for a great value. It’s straightforward on how to use, and guests will enjoy the sentiment.

Cons: Since it’s an item involving the hair and scalp, I highly recommend not leaving the massager in the bathroom and reusing the device between your guests. Lice are not something you want to be known for on your reviews.

Best Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests #4: High-Density Foam Roller

Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests

Next, we have a high-density foam roller. This 3D textured massage tool has different zoned levels to replicate the feeling of human hands. Use it after a hefty gym workout or when removing sore trigger points.

This massage device is also great for runners and those who like to perform Crossfit. When I’m adding an activity basket to my listing, I’ll add in a local map. Inside my Airbnb Guidebook will be nearby safe places to run and get some fresh air. While it doesn’t always work for my city listings, I make do by directing my guests to local gyms with free trials.

Verdict: Starting To Relax

Pros: Soft, flexible, and easy to clean. This roller is great to add to your listing. Add in a couple hand-weights and exercise bands, and you can add an in-home gym as one of your amenities!

Cons:  The foam is far too soft to get into any muscles that need deep tissue attention. If only there were some sort of similar massage device that could do this…

Best Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests #3: Muscle Roller Message Stick

Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests

Another fantastic, but unorthodox, tool for acupressure is a muscle roller. While the item looks more like a rolling pin than a massage tool, it offers release for your entire body. Use the device on your feet, legs, torso, neck, shoulders, and back. Not only does it help to rehabilitate muscles, but it improves your flexibility and mobility!

Unlike the head massager, use the roller between guests with the idea that you sanitize it between stays. Another item to pass along on your house cleaning list! Portable and easy to use, the compact rollers can pinpoint different areas on your body while standing or sitting.

Being able to control how much pressure you apply in problematic areas. Your pain tolerance is dependent on how deep into the tissue you work!

Verdict: Rolling In The Deep Tissue

Pros: Fast to apply, portable, and recommended by physical therapists. The muscle roller massage stick is perfect for use after a long, busy day. The device is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require too much upfront explanation. 

Cons: Harder for people who can’t put pressure on specific areas of their body. Squeaks the first couple of times when used.

Best Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests #2: Theraflow Dual Foot Messager

Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests

A lot of people underestimate the power of reflexology. Also known as zone therapy, reflexology involves applying pressure to points on your feet. The theory behind the alternative medicine is that different foot areas correspond to different parts of the human body.

Made out of quality material, such as Theaceae wood and gripping pads, prevents the massager against slipping. Weighing a little over a pound, it is easy for your guests to use, adjust, and move it around the listing. They can sit and watch TV or stand on the balcony and enjoy the view!

The large base accompanied by the natural curve of the device allows for a deep reflexology massage every time it’s used. It’s perfect for feet of all sizes and great for places where guests are walking around all day. This massager is a hit for my guests near amusement parks and NYC!

Verdict: Feeling Footloose

Pros: The Theaceace wooden material allows for sanitary and multiple uses. It’s easy to place next to comfortable chairs within the main living areas. Also, no batteries or wires are needed since it’s entirely mechanical.

Cons: Doesn’t work if you have ticklish feet! Some people don’t enjoy the sensation.

Best Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests #1: Liba Hook Cane Messager

Massage Devices For Airbnb Guests

Who knew one of the strangest looking devices could be the best selling? While massage hooks have been on the market for a couple of decades, not many know they exist! Canes are among the top choices of fitness coaches and physical therapists.

Even though they look intimidating, they’re incredibly safe and easy to use. The S-shaped cane has rounded knobs along various locations around the frame. Spaced out in intervals, they’re designed to be pressed against your muscles. Goodbye, knots!

Verdict: Completely Hooked

Pros: One of the best massage devices on the market hands down. Got that nasty knot on the back of your neck? Say goodbye!

Cons: You’ll need to leave an instruction manual or note with the massager. While it’s intuitive to use, the cane is only easy to understand after the guest knows what it is for.

What Massage Device Do You Think Is Best?

While you may be tempted to pick up a few of these devices for your own home, they’ll go great in any of your listings. Have you tried out any of these devices before? Have you had success by introducing massage and spa aspects for your guests to enjoy?

To save you the time of scrolling back up, here are our top suggestions from Amazon: 

5. Handheld Head And Scalp Messager
4. High-Density Foam Roller
3. Muscle Roller Message Stick
2. Theraoflow Dual Foot Messager
1. Liba Hook Cane Messager

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