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How To Set Up A Long-Term Airbnb Rental Property

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As an Airbnb host, you may want to pivot your rental strategies and adapt to the “new normal” that surrounds the recent pandemic. Long-term Airbnb hosting is an ideal way to keep your properties occupied. You have less health and safety risk and don’t have to rely on only tourism.

But is long-term rental the right strategy for you?

Benefits of Hosting Long Term Rentals on Airbnb

There are many benefits to long-term hosting. The financial benefits, of course, are top of mind. Long-term hosting can be a way to stay afloat on your mortgages and arbitrage leases.

Keeping properties occupied helps prevent break-ins, squatting, or vandalism. And if guests live with you, they can also provide some company.

Challenges of Long-Term Airbnb Bookings

Long-term bookings have unique challenges. Longer term stays usually require discounted prices. Do you want a high price per night, lots of turnover work, and potential booking gaps? Or less work and less revenue but a secure income? The choice is yours.

Length of stay may be controlled based on your location. Many cities and states limit the number of days Airbnbs can stay occupied.

Tips for Hosting Guests Long Term

If you’re going to pivot to long-term renting, you’ll want to make some adjustments. We recommend the following to get you started:

Keep Calendar & Settings Up to Date

Update your booking window and settings on Airbnb to allow for long-term rentals. Be aware that long-term bookings are often planned far in advance, so be sure to keep your calendar up to date.

Supply Accessible Cleaning Products

With long-term stays you aren’t expected to provide a hotel-like cleaning service. But you do want to be prepared for accidents and messes when someone lives in your property for several weeks.

Provide guests all the necessary tools and products to clean up after themselves. This includes a vacuum cleaner, broom and dustpan, bucket, cloths, etc. Check out our Covid-19 cleaning guide for Airbnb hosts for more helpful information.

Create Office Space

Many people who need long-term Airbnb accommodations during the Covid-19 pandemic are working from home. So an at-home office and good Wi-Fi is essential – not a luxury. Check out our guide to set up a home office in your Airbnb.

Long-term rental cooking

Provide Adequate Cooking Facilities

A listing with no cooking facilities has limited appeal as a long-term Airbnb. If your guests can’t access a full kitchen, at least provide a few essentials. Make available a small refrigerator, electric kettle, microwave, and coffee maker. Supply plates, glasses, mugs, and cutlery.

If you do have cooking facilities available, consider whether to expand what you have. Extra cookware and utensils give guests a wider range of cooking options. In either case, don’t forget to provide washing up equipment!

Offer Laundry Options

If you can provide laundry access you should. Furnish guests with detailed instructions on how to use the washer and dryer. If necessary, set clear boundaries around laundry use. This could include designating times and days for use. Accommodate eco or energy conscious guests with a laundry drying rack or clothesline.

Top Tip: guests staying for a longer period will probably need more clothes hangers than weekend stays.

Long-term rental entertainment

Upgrade Entertainment

When people are stuck at home, they’ll turn to electronics for entertainment. Invest in a smart TV so guests can access their preferred streaming services. A streaming device is an affordable bit of tech that also allows guests to use streaming services. Share your subscriptions to services like Netflix or Hulu with guests.

Provide music speakers and games and puzzles for your guests to enjoy.

By planning well, communicating clearly, and offering exceptional hosting, long-term guests for your Airbnb can provide you with increased booking nights per year, higher revenue – and even a top-notch reputation in the short-term rental community.

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