3 Things We Can Learn From An Airbnb Treehouse

Some of the most sought-after travel experiences on the market are renting out an Airbnb Treehouse. It gives guests the perfect opportunity to connect with their inner child. However, no matter what your age is, everyone wants the chance to explore, wander, and play.

As an Airbnb host, even in a typical situation, we can learn from these successful experiences. Let’s take a look at some of the most success Airbnb Treehouse locations and see what we can take away.

Airbnb Treehouse Tip #1 – Ambience Is Everything

In a secluded area of Atlanta, Georgia lies Airbnb’s #1 most wish-listed property in the world. At 350 dollars a night, with a two-night minimum, they have their bookings already filled up for the rest of 2018! With over 300,000 site visits per month what’s so desirable about this location?

The first thing is Ambience; the character and atmosphere that define the location. Everything from the rope bridge lighting to the serene layout helps to bring the listing together as one cohesive experience. It hosts three rooms, and each space feels finished and homey.

Yet, the decorations in the area are placed in a way that feels full but not cluttered. In order to feel comfortable, even from a minimalistic standpoint, a house should feel lived in. Cluttered rooms can create a psychological feeling of chaos or unrest.

Airbnb Treehouse Tip #2 – A Natural Appreciation

As human beings, we are naturally programmed to have an appreciation for the natural wonder and beauty of the world. By having organic elements in the space such as plants or an indoor water fountain.

Plants are a great way to also re-oxygenate and clean indoor air. Any house cleaning products or other noxious fumes can be slowly eliminated by the plants you add.

Incorporating natural elements can help to turn your listing into a place that can foster an inner sense of peace and calm. A stellar Airbnb sleep experience can be the difference between a three and five-star review. Getting your guests to kick back and relax, even on a business trip, is the difference between being a regular host and an Airbnb Superhost.

Airbnb Treehouse

Airbnb Treehouse Tip #3 – A Splash Of Color

Even the color choices used in your listing is essential. From the walls, bedding, and even furniture, recent studies have shown that color can change factors within the human body. It can affect one’s level of energy, appetite, and even body temperature.

With the treehouse listing, they use a variety of clean and fresh colors to in their interior design. Color choice is a vital part of your overall aesthetic, from the setup of your listing to even your Airbnb profile.

Ready For An Adventure?

No matter what or where your listing is, we all have a little bit to learn from the folks down in Atlanta. See what modifications you can make to your Airbnb to create a serene, relaxing, and awe-inspiring experience.

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