Kid-friendly Airbnb

5 Ways to Make Your Airbnb Kid-Friendly

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More people are using Airbnbs as a budget-friendly alternative to hotels. In fact, more families are choosing vacation rentals over hotel stays. So chances are your Airbnb is going to host a family with children at some point. Is your property ready for children?

How can you make your Airbnb more accommodating for families traveling with kids? Here are five ways to making your Airbnb more kid-friendly:

1. Remove any unsecured items

An energetic kid cooped up in a car all day plus that antique vase you have sitting in your living room equals a recipe for disaster. Minimize potential damage or injury by moving items that might be easily broken or could potentially hurt a child.

Tip: Keep in mind that guests (both old and young) will likely do some exploring, so secure your valuables and breakables in a locked cabinet, closet, or room.

2. Safety first

Make sure that your Airbnb is as child proof as possible. Have safety gates available for staircases — both upstairs and downstairs — and safety latches on your cupboards and cabinets. Use outlet covers to prevent shocks and cushion table corners with bumpers to avoid “boo-boos.”

Tip: Keep multiple first aid kits handy. At the very least, make sure there is one in the kitchen and main bathroom. And clearly label where the kits can be found.

Kid-friendly Airbnb

3. Provide kid-friendly entertainment

Nothing says kid-friendly like supplying fun children’s activities. Not only will the kids love them, but the adults will love you for keeping their children from boredom. Some ideas include:

  • Coloring books and crayons
  • A communal toy chest
  • Games
  • Snacks
  • Access to child-centered television programs and DVDs

Tip: Let parents know what is available by providing a guide to kid-friendly activities in your local area.

4. Protect your furniture

No matter how careful parents are, kids are messy—it’s just a fact of life. Since furniture is costly to clean — and even more expensive to replace — it’s a good idea to protect any furniture you don’t want damaged.

Using attractive furniture coverings can save you and your guests the headache of figuring out what to do when little Timmy spills orange juice on your sofa.

Similarly, providing mattress protectors is also a smart idea. Even the most well trained kids wet the bed sometimes. This way, parents won’t have to worry about covering the costs for a brand new mattress and bedding.

Tip: Have extra cleaning supplies accessible for guests to handle unexpected spills, with instructions on where to find them and how to use them.

5. Provide extra sleeping options

After a long day of traveling, the last thing anybody wants to do is cram a family into a single bed or make someone sleep on the floor. Providing extra cots or a bunk bed gives each member their own space and makes everyone more happy in the long run.

Tip: An air mattress takes up less storage space and, with an electric pump, can be quickly inflated and ready for use.

Kid-friendly Airbnb

Making Your Airbnb Kid-Friendly Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Kid-proofing your Airbnb boils down to common sense. But you might also want to check out Airbnb articles like this one on listing your property as suitable for children.

Renting to families gives you access to a whole new market of paying customers and families can feel more relaxed in a home-like setting. It’s a win-win for everyone!

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