How To Use Credit Card Points To Pay For Airbnb Travel And Stay

How To Use Credit Card Points To Pay For Airbnb Travel And Stay

Travel is an amazing experience, but unfortunately, it can be an expensive hobby. Luckily, there are several ways to use credit card points to fund your travel. Want to know more about Airbnb Travel And Stay tips that can make this happen, let’s jump in.

When choosing a new credit card you should consider the perks and incentives available. Some credit cards will have incentives for grocery shopping, gas or other types of purchases. 

But we don’t want those…

If travel is a top priority, or if you travel frequently, you’ll want a credit card with top travel incentives. It’s best to figure out what travel cards are best for you.

Budget savvy travelers can make the most of credit card offers and points to get discounts on travel. Read on to learn more.

Three Ways To Use Credit Cards For Airbnb Travels

Airbnb Travel And Stay

There are three key ways to travel with credit cards.

You can earn rewards by using your card (be sure to always pay in full), earn the sign-up bonuses, and redeem your rewards for flights or stays.

side note: I haven’t paid for a flight in almost 10 months. I use my card for everyday purchases and get points for all of the purchases. Did someone say free flights to Europe? Yes, bought a round-trip ticket to Italy with my points!

 #1 Redeem rewards for Airbnb gift cards or cashback

Many credit cards offer rewards or cash back incentives on purchases. You will usually get rewards or cashback as a percentage of your purchase total.

Many cards let you choose how to redeem these rewards, you could choose a statement credit or a gift card. Some credit card issuers offer Airbnb gift cards as a redemption option. One such card is Chase Ultimate Rewards® (This has been my favorite personal credit card. I also have a business card from Chase. I’ll share more on that later).

Otherwise, wait for your points to be posted to your credit card rewards. Then, you can apply your points from the booking against the cost of the purchase.

Pro-tip: this is what I do if I want to get the sign-up bonuses quickly. I’d use my new card to purchase Airbnb gift cards at a slight discount (~90 cents per dollar and you can find deals on them). I once paid rent using my newly opened business card. Two benefits: 1) discounts for stays 2) reach my sign-up bonuses faster.

Here’s a screenshot to illustrate that example.

Airbnb Travel And Stay

#2 Take advantage of travel statement credits

Some fee-based credit cards come with awesome sign-up bonuses.

These travel bonuses can be applied to a range of travel expenses. Often this now includes Airbnb. NerdWallet frequently reviews the best credit cards for travel rewards. You should also keep an eye out for special offers and new member incentives.

2 of my favorite credits cards are from Chase.

  1. Chase Sapphire Preferred– sign-up bonus is at 60k if you spend $4k in the first 3 months. That’s roughly $600.
  2. Chase Ink Business Preferred– sign-up bonus is at 80k points if you spend 5k in the first 3 months. You’ll need an EINs. If you don’t already know, then here’s a helpful resource for you.

Remember, each point is roughly 1 to 1.5 cents. So 60,000 bonus may seem like a lot, but it’s only around $600.

#3 Cash-in flexible points and miles

This is the last option and I don’t recommend it.

You can cash in your points on your purchases (flights + Airbnb stays). Not really worth doing, so nothing more to talk about.

Does Airbnb Have A Membership Program Or Credit Card?

No, Airbnb does not yet have a points program or credit card.

This can be off-putting to travelers who are new to Airbnb. You may feel you don’t get a good deal with Airbnb if you are used to collecting rewards and free nights from booking sites or hotel chains.

However, Airbnb has partnered with various other loyalty programs. I also believe that Airbnb is working on a loyalty program. Let’s hope 2020 is the year they’ll release it.

Alternative Ways To Save On Airbnb Travel

Airbnb Travel And Stay

Here are some of the ways you can earn points on Airbnb stays.

Collect Airline Miles From Airbnbs

Avios and other frequent flyer programs let members collect points from Airbnb stays. Airlines that offer this include Qantas, British Airways and Delta. Qantas currently has an ongoing promotion for Airbnb. As of August 2019, you can earn 500 bonus Qantas Points on top of the points that you usually would on Airbnb stays. 

Let Airbnb Invest In Your Savings

There are various sites offering cashback incentives when you book an Airbnb.

One of the best is Robinhood, a micro-investing, options trading, and stock brokerage app. You’ll get a free stock when you sign up with the link above (1/250 chances of getting FB/Apple/Google). I’ve made thousands from Robinhood from shorting stocks and was able to finance my trips this way.

Now you’ve learned how to save for travel with your credit cards you’ll be kicking yourself for all the missed past opportunities. Airbnb doesn’t have a reward program, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize credit card sign-up bonuses, air miles points, and other hacks and save money.

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