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A well crafted Airbnb listing is guaranteed to turn more browsers into buyers. Let’s get started creating your killer Airbnb listing. Airbnb has made the listing even more guest-friendly by delivering all the information they need in a quick and organized fashion.

This example below shows my local search results:

Airbnb Description

Guests don’t want you to be vague, but they don’t want you to go on and on and on either. Creating a successful Airbnb listing is both art and science. In the following section, you’ll learn how to create a persuasive Airbnb listing that stands out from the crowd.

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Step 1: Title

Does your title grab attention? Does the guest want to click on your listing from the search? I’d say that crafting an attention-grabbing title is one of the hardest and most ignored things about a high-converting Airbnb unit.

If you follow these steps below, you will be just fine!

  • Be descriptive, but do not over-describe.
  • Keep it catchy and concise
  • avoid words like charming, cute, and other commonly used words

What would you click on?

Option 1: “1 bedroom apartment in Mountain View”

Option 2: “Modern 1 bedroom apartment steps from Downtown Mountain View”

Do you see the difference?

Step 2: Airbnb Description

I had previously mentioned in my other post about the optional descriptions including the space, guest access, Interaction with Guests, the Neighborhood, and House Rules. While these are optional, but it is critical that you write them.

Think about your target audience and what’s important to them.  Is proximity to destinations, awesome amenities or guest interactions important to them?

Step 3: Summary

Do not leave your guests hanging after they clicked on your listing. The summary is a great place to make your listing shine because you are given more space to write what is unique about your listing.

Point out 2-3 major selling points about your place. Do you have a private pool? Is there a hot tub? What about its ambiance?

Guests gravitate to listings with a personality so don’t be afraid to give them that.

Step 4: Profile Picture

Airbnb Description

Your profile photo should show personality while still being professional. Complete your profile description so that your target audience identify with you, trust you, and want to get to know you. Here’s what my profile looks like. Notice: Nice attire & a big smile. 🙂

Now, you can go out and create your perfect Airbnb description. Better Airbnb description will ultimately lead to more bookings…

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