How to Create And Optimize Your Airbnb Listing – Airbnb Calendar Settings

Hey there, welcome back to part three of how to create and optimize your Airbnb listing. In this blog post, I’ll be covering your calendar settings.

If you’re wondering what I talked about in part one and two, then head over to the links below to check it out.

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Yes, it’s important for you to read part one and two for this blog post to make the most sense to you. However, feel free to jump in if you’re just looking how to best set up your calendar settings to maximize your Airbnb’s revenue potential.

How to Optimize Your Airbnb Calendar Settings

Airbnb Calendar

You have to keep an accurate calendar in order to maximize profit. So, it’s really important to update your calendar regularly. In fact, Airbnb gives higher search ranking for hosts that go into their calendar regularly.
For the most of us, if we are doing this full-time, then we should not need to worry about blocking out dates. And some of us who want to do this part-time, this is where you make changes.

How to Minimize Your Airbnb Calendar Turnaround Time

Airbnb will ask you how much notice you would need before a guest arrives. I had customized my cutoff time on the same day before 7 pm. You can have a different cutoff hour. Just be realistic about how long it would take you to clean. I chose 7 pm because regular check-in time for me is at 4 pm. I want to give ample time for my cleaner to turn the unit around for the next guest.

Now, why do I do this?

It is to maximize profit. If I had selected 1, or 2 days, that means Airbnb will automatically block up to 2 days after my guest checks out. This also means you will lose those two available days to host.

You get the idea.

How Advanced Should You Open Up Your Airbnb Calendar

I keep my calendar open for 3 months in advance.
Why do I do this?
I get to charge more during the high-seasons. From my own data, I charge an average night of 200 dollars in the months of July and August. That is 25% more than what I charge normally. Just be aware that there are guests that book 6-8 months in advance because they wanted to take advantage of your low-season pricing for a high-season booking.
However, if you use a tool like BeyondPricing, then you shouldn’t worry about something like this. You can head here or here to learn more about BeyondPricing.
I do not mind the 1 night minimal and I have no imposed maximum nights. I would highly recommend you to do the same because if you had a 3 night minimal and there is a gap of 2 days between the check out of your previous guest and check-in of your next guest, then you will automatically lose the ability to host those two days…
Not good!

In the next post, I’ll be talking about your pricing strategy. In this post, I’ll share with you how to determine your market value, ramp up as a new host, and maximize your nightly rates to get the most of your listing.

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