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How To Attract Business Travelers to Your Airbnb

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Business travelers are a great target market for Airbnb hosts. If you market your property right, they could become a big source of income for your Airbnb business.

The business travel market has an estimated worth of $1 trillion globally. In 2018 business travelers comprised 15 % of total bookings. And while the COVID crisis may have temporarily derailed things, Airbnb was looking to increase that share to 30% in 2020.

Business travelers also stay longer in an Airbnb or short term rental than they do in hotels. Research shows they average a five night stay, compared to three in a hotel. That’s because Airbnbs encourage them to combine business with a few days of leisure. Business travel is so popular there is even a special website, Airbnb For Work, which helps businesses manage their bookings on Airbnb.

The business travel market can be very lucrative for Airbnb hosts. Learn how you can attract both individual and group business bookings.

Location, Location, Location

The potential to attract business travelers relies on your location. Remote cottages and beach getaways are unlikely to be suitable for this type of booking. Your property needs to be close to business districts or event venues.

Business travelers are usually abundant in large metropolitan cities. But some industries thrive in less obvious cities, so do your research. Conferences get scheduled year-round, helping fill vacant dates during tourism down seasons. And certain locations may not seem like interesting tourist destinations, but they are hot spots for conventions and conferences.

So how do you know if your area is popular for conferences? Las Vegas is an obvious hotspot for business events. But it isn’t the only place to go! These other popular locations may surprise you.

Top 10 Cities For Business Conferences (Source: Medium)

  • Orlando, Florida
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Miami, Florida
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • San Diego, California
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Dallas, Texas
  • New Orleans, Louisiana

Learn the conference and seminar schedules for your area and promote your Airbnb as an alternative to crowded hotels.

Provide a Business Class Experience

To appeal to business travelers you need to go above and beyond basic amenities. You need to provide something as comfortable as a hotel, but better. Fast and reliable free wifi is an absolute must-have amenity. Here are some others to consider:

Home Office

Your room or property should have a home office set up, even if it only occupies a small corner of a room. Remember that this type of customer is working. Your office set up should include all the following items:

  • Fast, reliable and free WiFi
  • A work desk
  • A good quality desk chair
  • Good lighting in your desk area
  • Working, all-in-one fax machine/scanner/printer
  • Outlet strips
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Complimentary pens and notepad

Laundry Amenities

Business travelers want to look sharp and professional. That’s why laundry services have strong appeal. Be sure guests have a place to hang their clothes. You can also provide the following items to avoid stains or creases in suits:

Business travelers expect high standards of hotel accommodation. To compete you must offer high-quality bedding, toiletries and, of course, exceptional service.

Cater To Teams

Individual business travelers have long made use of everything Airbnb can offer them. But now businesses are turning to Airbnb properties to host entire teams.

Airbnb For Work makes corporate bookings easy. It provides easy resources to help companies manage bookings for their staff. One of the main appeals of the system is that Airbnb for Work portal saves businesses a lot of money. Airbnbs for teams is 49% cheaper on average for travel within America.

You can save even more on international lodgings. Booking several hotel rooms can get expensive fast. If you can offer guests one place with extra bedrooms you can help them save a lot of money.

Having your listing featured on Airbnb for Work is a great way to attract business clients. But it’s not a simple process.

Catering to a team of colleagues is challenging. It requires all the amenities listed above for solo travelers and more. You will also need to cater to the needs of a group dynamic. Here are some tips for group business bookings:

Meet Work-Ready Requirements

Airbnb requires properties to meet high standards before they will appear as work-ready. Your property must have:

  • Reliable Wi-Fi
  • Laptop ready workspaces
  • Travel essentials  (basic toiletries, iron, hairdryer, and hangers)
  • A keypad code or lockbox
  • Flexible and/or free cancellations

All work-friendly listings need an average 4.8/5 rating and at least five reviews. If your listing falls below these standards it will not show in business travel searches.

Provide Co-working Space

Teams need to work together, and they need space to do that. You don’t need to convert your property into an office. But you should have a large dining table and plenty of chairs for team meetings. Beanbags and cushions are also a great idea, so teams can hang out together in common spaces.

Provide Private Space

No one wants to live too closely with their colleagues. Your property should have more than one bathroom and good soundproofing. Consider converting any little nooks into call booths or work stations. This way guests have somewhere quiet to escape to.

Market Your Listing

If you’re aiming to target business travelers be sure to cater your listing to your audience. Highlight all the features and amenities listed above. Note the location’s proximity to local airports and conference venues. Do your research on the annual conference schedule. Manage your booking calendar and adjust your listing and pricing as needed.

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