9 Places Guests Can Go For A Stunning Airbnb Wedding

Like I’ve mentioned previously in the Airbnb Treehouse article, there’s a lot we can learn from other listings when it comes to success. Having an Airbnb Wedding is one of the newest trends to surface, creating a rift in the wedding industry.

The costs of weddings are slippery slopes that are being monopolized by big industry companies. So how can we, as Airbnb Hosts, get a slice of the pie?

Most weddings average 0ut to a cost of over 30,000 dollars. This does not include any honeymoon expenses. It’s easy to see why people are searching for an affordable alternative solution. Renting an Airbnb location for your ceremony or reception is a great way to book unique spaces while also cutting costs.

Here’s a look at some of the most in-demand bookings when it comes to Airbnb Weddings.

Airbnb Wedding Destination #1: Where The Buffalo Roam

This stunning Hudson Valley Venue sits up on the Catskill Mountains south of Albany, New York. Sunsets are beautiful to watch as the light hits the barn just right. The current price of $1,100 a night is also nothing to shake a stick at. It’s a gorgeous venue that includes a massive in-ground swimming pool and can comfortably sleep around twelve guests per night. While it might not be ideal for everyone to stay overnight, it’s perfect for the central bridal party and immediate family.

As for the wedding itself, the decorated barn and the surrounding land can comfortably seat and serve a vast crowd. The only thing you need to take care of is catering and all of the other small wedding amenities.

One thing I love about this listing is that the owner has taken professional photos of people enjoying events at their place and posted them in the listing. While an Airbnb Wedding can seem unorthodox, sometimes seeing is believing. Having these photos may be just the proof you need to convince the skeptical in-laws.

Airbnb Wedding Destination #2: A Venue Fit For Royalty

Ever feel like you were destined to be wed like royalty? In this luxurious listing in Tuscany, Italy you can rent out a castle previously owned by the famous Borgia family. It has only recently been available for public use, opening up again initially in 1993. The original architecture is stunning, well-kept, and there’s more than enough space to host your event.

Airbnb Wedding

The sleeping and living arrangements themselves can hold up to a little over a dozen people, assuming they’re not afraid to share the seven bedrooms. Any additional guests that you wish to accommodate for can rent space a villa located closely nearby.

The best part of this listing is that they hire staff to help serve the event. While it may up the price, many couples don’t like to worry about the small details on their big day. If you can plan and coordinate your events with another organization or business then the more power to you.

Airbnb Wedding Destination #3: King Of The Hill

Taking place in Black Hawk, Colorado this luxurious, open-air retreat is perfect for any small wedding party getaway. Upon a small private hill, you can’t beat the fresh air and breathtaking atmosphere. It has 120 acres that are perfect for hosting any event that you desire. At less than $900 a night you really can’t beat the price.

The Blue Sky Mountain Ranch sits on top of a 500-foot enclave that overlooks the nearby Colorado snow-capped mountains. Inside the house itself, it can comfortably sleep around fourteen guests. While the rest of the wedding participants will have to drive home, it’s a great place for the wedding party to crash.

This fantastic listing even features extra amenities for entertainment including a complete theater system, a hot tub, a whole library of movies, and an outdoor dining deck.

Airbnb Wedding Destination #4: A Greek Island Getaway

For around a thousand dollars a night, you can rent out an entire Island villa near Athens. With the ability to host over 16+ guests, this listing sits on Airbnb’s top 40. This excellent opportunity has around two dozen amenities for guests and over 80 great reviews. Getting that great of a positive reputation takes some hard work and dedication to customer service. It doesn’t hurt that their site is stunning.

A great tip on accessibility to take away from Chryssa who runs the Greek villa is that she comes from a variety of backgrounds. With this comes her natural ability to communicate in a variety of languages that she has listed on her profile as a host. This gives her the advantage of being able to communicate with an even broader market. If you’re thinking about taking up a new language over the summer, now is good a time as ever.

Getting back to the rental, the villa consists of six buildings with five unique bedrooms. All of which happen to have their own under-floor heating and fireplace for when it gets colder at night. A covered barn in the back also can host additional people if anyone from your wedding wants to crash in style.

Airbnb Wedding Destination #5: A Secret Garden

A little pricer up on the list, this Californian dream is the ideal image of a classic and beautiful backyard wedding. From string lights to outdoor seating around a stunning atmosphere this listing has it all. It’s great for those in the area who don’t have a backyard but would love to get married outside. Plus you don’t have to clean up your backyard afterward or make sure that the landscaping is up to par.

For around two grand, Susan rents out her backyard and greenhouse for every small wedding-goers dream. It’s a great space that can fit up to 75 people and has a variety of covered patios, outdoor areas, and beautiful lighting already set up and ready to go for your event.

Some things to watch out for is that the greenhouse chapel where you can get married only holds up to 60 guests and that the lawn area can hold up to 8 tables. Something unique is that the host requires you to get event insurance for the day, which is something unique I haven’t seen listed in many of the other events.

If you’re considering options for Airbnb insurance in general, I’ve spun up a great article about that for you here.

Airbnb Wedding

Airbnb Wedding Destination #6: An Elegant Hawaiian Estate

Thinking about getting married on a beautiful sandy beach in Northern Oahu? This elegant estate has a stunning outdoor view with a beautiful clear blue beach and deep verdant rainforests. The max guest amount for a beach event is fifty guests, but at a little over two grand a night, it’s an experience like no other.

Something great that the host does is also have the two adjacent property out for rent. This allows over thirty guests to stay for a two-day minimum. When considering Airbnb rental arbitrage getting locations close to each other is a great idea! Not only is it easy for you to check in on listing easily, but your cleaning staff can also move effortlessly from one place to another.

When having a huge estate such as this, it’s also a great idea to put together an Airbnb Guidebook. This way, if any of the many participants have any questions about your property, you aren’t getting 30 text messages in the middle of the night about what the wifi password is.

Airbnb Wedding Destination #7: A Tasteful And Historical Experience

This restored historical masterpiece is dated back to the 1790s right after America had first won their independence from Great Britain. It’s seated on fourteen acres of land in upstate New York where the house sits looking over a private pond. They state that the shaded pavilion that hosts a little over 1200 square feet is the perfect place to have your wedding ceremony. The estate is situated on top of a hill and features an eclectic mix of antiques. It helps to honor the origins of the original European owners and their love for excellent craftsmanship and design.

One thing to take away from this listing that guests love is that the home is pet-friendly. When being an Airbnb host, you want to try and either find your niche or take elements from a variety of guests to be all-inclusive. Sometimes people just don’t want to leave their hairy babies behind. Also, I’m thinking about writing a blog post exclusively on being pet-friendly in the future.  Make sure to keep your eyes peeled!

Airbnb Wedding Destination #8: A Cozy Lodge For All

Heading back towards the west coast, this cozy lodge in Easton, Washington can sleep over forty people and host around 150 for an event! It’s open all year round and is just alongside the Yakima River and Wenatchee National Forest. The place is so popular that every day through the Summer of 2019 is already booked! Imagine having your Airbnb listing booked that far in advance. All you need to do is upkeep and take care of guests. The rest is already done!

This is undoubtedly one of the most significant spaces with the most people needed to accommodate for. While smaller functions may be able to handle on your own, you would want to invest in a cleaning service to make sure that all of the basics are met for your guests. When it comes to this many people, don’t be afraid to outsource the smaller tasks and rely on a team to support you.

Trying to do it all on your own is one of the biggest mistakes an entrepreneur can make.

Airbnb Wedding

Airbnb Wedding Destination #9: Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Set on top of a beautiful hilltop in the tropics of Sayulita, this listing overlooks the stunning hills and Pacific coastline of Mexico. With a 360-degree view of the ocean and luscious foothills of the Sierra Madres, what more could you ask for? It basically the ideal spot for a small wedding get together. It has plenty of private rooms for open-air baths and showers to refresh and replenish yourself from a long night of celebration.

One of my favorite parts about this listing is the location. When considering Airbnb arbitrage, you’ll want to scope out areas that are convenient for your guest. People want to be close enough to where the action is, but far enough away that they still get some privacy. For this listing, the beach and town are both only a short walk away. It is the perfect balance of adventure and getting away to relax.

Services that go above and beyond is that these hosts organize welcome dinners, private chefs, yoga classes massages, and grocery shopping upon the request of the guest. That’s crazy! But the guests get what they pay for, especially with all of the exciting Airbnb Experiences in the area. Some of the most popular items include snorkeling, scuba diving, horseback riding, whale watching and much more!

Are You Ready To Say “I Do”?

While the thought of wedding budget can be cringe-inducing to those who don’t want to break the bank, Airbnb wedding rentals have swooped in as a saving grace. However, these are even some of the more mid-range, pricing. Airbnb has a variety of listings that can turn your wedding dream into a reality.

Or maybe, just maybe… your listing can make someone else’s future wedding plans come true. Who knows, but I believe there’s an opportunity around every corner.

Speaking about opportunities, I just wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to Feedspot. It is one of the best places online to read about all of your favorite websites in one convenient place. They are also great for discovering new and quality content.

My blog has recently been selected by their panelists as one of their Top 10 Airbnb Blogs on the internet! I am so incredibly honored to have such a title, and I would like to thank all of my readers for your unending support. Seeing your comments and messages make this hard work worthwhile. So, thank you!

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