Airbnb Photographer

Airbnb Photographer: Earn Up to 40% More with Professional Photos

Airbnb Photographer

Did you know that an Airbnb Photographer can get you a 40% increase in earnings, 24% more bookings, and a 26% increase on your nightly price?

Use a professional photographer to capture images of your property in the best possible light and attract more customers to your listing. Research conducted in a 2016 study of more than 100,000 listings showed that properties that used professional photography were able to charge more money and still get more bookings.

airbnb photographer

So, What is an Airbnb Photographer?

Airbnb now has more than 4 million listings worldwide and is the undisputed expert in peer-to-peer rentals. Airbnb understands the importance of visual imagery to entice prospective customers to look at and book a property. While written descriptions are essential to providing detail and information, it’s the imagery that sells your space.

Airbnb employs highly qualified professional photographers who are specially trained in property photography. Your photographer needs to work with you to take professional photographs that will attract customers and increase bookings.

Airbnb photographers have skills in assisting hosts to best understand their listings. They help to highlight the important and attractive places within your home to depict it to its fullest advantage. The photographer will shoot in a photography style that suits you and is appropriate for the Airbnb website. Together, you can work together to create a visual representation of your house that maximizes its desirability.

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Airbnb Listings: Professional Photography Comparison

Professional photography gives yours home an edge. Airbnb homes that have used a professional photographer receive 24% more bookings. After taking professional photographs many owners raise their nightly rate, and as a result, will take home 40% more earnings. Using a professional photographer ensures that your home is displayed in the best possible way, using visual cues to entice prospective customers to book.

airbnb photographer

How Much Does an Airbnb Photographer Cost?

The price of an Airbnb photographer is dependent upon a number of factors; where are you located, how large your property is and how many photographs you request to be taken. The price for a small one bedroom flat will differ from that of a 7-bedroom house with swimming pool. The exact number of photographs is discussed during the photographer’s visit. They will advise you on the best quantity of pictures to show off your home.

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Airbnb Photography Guide

When requesting a photographer through Airbnb, they match you with someone from your area. You can then speak with them directly to schedule a visit and discuss your requirements. When the photographer arrives at your listing, they will spend some time discussing the layout and shots with you. It is important to ensure your house is tidy and looking its best before they arrive.

The photographer may make some creative or practical suggestions – a change of lighting, fluffed pillows or lowered toilets seats.  There is more information on how to prepare for the photographer here and what to expect during the visit here.

After your photo shoot, the photographer will spend time in post-production, selecting and editing the best photographs to create striking photos that you are 100% happy with.

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Airbnb’s Photographer Or Another Professional?

Right now, you might be thinking that a professional photographer is a great idea. You might know a guy that does wedding photography or shoots for a living. So why would you need an Airbnb photographer at all?

Airbnb photographers are trained in the art of photographing properties. Your Airbnb photographer won’t resort to cheap tricks to make a room look spacious or lighter than it really is. It’s important to display your property at its best advantages. Using photography tricks to inaccurately represent your accommodation will result in poor reviews and a drop in repeat business. Airbnb photographers will not use fisheye lenses, false lighting, or unrealistic angles. They are trained to pick out the beautiful and unique parts of your home and highlight them.

Property photography is an art but it doesn’t need to be expensive. Airbnb photographers are competitively priced, so you won’t save a great deal even if you decide to look elsewhere.

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