airbnb most wishlisted homes

Airbnb Most Wishlisted Homes of 2019

Airbnb Most Wishlisted Home 2019

Let’s never forget that Airbnb is not just for hosts– it’s for the traveler. With the Airbnb Most Wishlisted Homes of 2019, I look at some of the most exciting places to visit on Airbnb!  You can find your own Airbnb Most Wishlisted home for your next vacation! (First time using Airbnb? Get $40 off when you use this Airbnb coupon!!). This will not only help yourself think like a traveler for your own Airbnb, but encourage you to take breaks as well. When was the last time you traveled? The last time you made time for you?  With Airbnb, you can stay in places past your imagination’s ability. My hope for this wishlist is to provide ideas for yourself to relax… and inspire you to create your Airbnb worthy of this list!  So, sit back, relax, and see the possible places for your next destination! May you come down with the travel bug! (The good kind, not the sick kind!)  

Five of the Most Wishlisted Homes on Airbnb


Airbnb most wishlisted home

Amsterdam’s finest- LUXURY INDEPENDENT STUDIO on SHIP: free bikes!

Airbnb Most Wishlisted Home #5- Somoya Houseboat in Amsterdam

 Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea or coffee while watching boats go by on your hammock.  A houseboat can be an exciting way to experience Amsterdam! A little distance from the old city, they even give you bikes to use during your stay.  This suite is upstairs on the houseboat so you’ll always have views of the city and river. Decorated with plants and minimalist design, this space is sure to be a sanctuary in a busy city.  This Airbnb most wishlisted home can be a sanctuary for you.  With how gorgeous the city is, you might find yourself dozing in the hammock more than inside! I definitely recommend a nap or two in one, they’re so comfortable. You might even wonder why you don’t have one at home.  Upgraded to be an Airbnb superhost, this host can offer insight into Amsterdam by providing recommendations.  Now, with this and the many items already provided for you, no wonder this is a must-see! Get off the tourist path and explore Amsterdam like a local!  

Airbnb Most Wishlisted Home #4- Eco Bamboo Hideout in Bali

Airbnb most wishlisted home

I don’t think I need to say much about this one.

If the city isn’t your thing, try this breathtaking getaway in Bali. This Airbnb most wishlisted home hideout is a perfect place for the environmentalist. Those who love nature, animals, and culture will appreciate this inspiring hideout.  Located in the mountains near the Gunung Agung, it’s away from the village nearby. Don’t worry though! You can use the scooter provided for you to visit!  Booking here means being right on the river!  You can experience being off the grid, and immerse yourself in the Balinese culture! Sometimes, you can see ceremonies performed in the river!  This wonderful place is a kitten shelter! With the musical instruments provided during your stay, you can serenade them too! Despite being off the grid, there’s no shortage of activities.  Also, enjoy breakfast in the morning! With this Airbnb, the host provides it! This breakfast will help give you the energy to explore the surrounding areas– and get the most of your off-grid adventure!  

Airbnb Most Wishlisted Home #3- Romantic Apartment in Paris, France

Airbnb Most Wishlisted Homes of 2019

The city of romance at its finest! Name a better place to spend it than this Airbnb most wishlisted home near Paris’ historic sites! It is within two miles from the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower.  With a courtyard attached, spend your breakfast with some privacy before a night out! Located near local shops, museums, and clubs, there is plenty to do. (Better book more than one night to get the most out of Paris!)  Need a pet-friendly place? Look here! Its location is close to everything! Walk Fido to explore the shops and sites!  This light and airy decor can be for lovers or for the family. The host is happy to bring out a crib for tourists who are too tiny to be in a bed! The large windows bring so much of the Paris nightlight and daylight into the apartment.  With a nearby metro, you can skip hailing a cab and travel further with less traffic! Guests have been buzzing about its location to everything and decor. Skip the hotel, this apartment is for lovers.  

Airbnb Most Wishlisted Home #2- Casa Blanca by the Sea

Airbnb Most Wishlisted Homes of 2019

This apartment’s name fits its luxurious decor! Everything, or well, almost everything in this apartment is white. It’s a stunning feature with the large windows that open to balconies.  Oh, and did I mention you’re by the sea? In Havana?  Who wouldn’t love to visit this place after re-opening diplomatic ties with the USA in 2015?  My advice? Open a window at night. The sound of waves is so soothing, even if you can’t sleep you’ll feel refreshed! This is a perfect Airbnb most wishlisted home for rest and relaxation.  It’s close to El Verdado which has plenty of shops, bars, and restaurants to enjoy. It’s known for its Art Deco style buildings which Casa Blanca does not use. This Airbnb features a colonial style!  Enjoy a private room here that has guest services such as dining upon request. No wonder this host is a superhost! Those who have stayed here recommend trying the food!  Meanwhile, I would recommend trying out the nightlife!  

Airbnb Most Wishlisted Home #1- Modern Apartment in Historic Rome

Airbnb most wishlisted home My girlfriend (who’s Italian) and I are going to Rome for the first time in June. We are actually considering booking this Airbnb.

This is a surprising apartment!  It has such modern decor in a historic and traditional shell! This Airbnb has made itself a site to see in Rome, Italy. Also, as an Airbnb Plus member, you know you’re getting the best of Airbnb with your stay!  Whether you’re here to visit Vatican City, to taste real Italian food, see the sites, or try out some of the famous fashion, this place is centrally located.  Everything is in walking distance or close to public transportation. Plus, the restaurant next door is highly praised by past guests!  If the restaurant allows takeout, try it on the large patio attached to the apartment! Waited too late to go to the restaurant? Jet-lagged and need a late night snack? There’s a 24-hour market down the street.  Mmmm… nothing like pancakes at 2 am in the morning… or pasta. Either way, you can eat in the full kitchen or out on the patio with your pet. That’s right, this modern Airbnb most wishlisted home allows pets!  Travel light! With this superhost, the bathroom is fully stocked.  This allows you to stress less about packing and look forward to relaxing. It’s Rome! Do as the tourist do! 

Wishlisted Places

None of these places started at the top. When it comes to your own Airbnb, try thinking like a traveler. The only way to do that is to get out there and travel! Find out what you look for in an Airbnb to build up your own.

Unable to? I can get you started on some ideas for items to help make your Airbnb more like home for your guests! Click here to check out my superhost checklist! It’ll help you with the basics (and beyond) with items for your Airbnb.


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