Airbnb Sublet | How to Sublet Your Airbnb Rentals Long Term

Airbnb Sublet | How to Sublet Your Airbnb Rentals Long Term

Airbnb Sublet | How to Sublet Your Airbnb Rentals Long Term

Did you know that Airbnb allows you to do long term rentals? In fact, a sizable income of mine comes from month-to-month rentals. They are definitely pros and cons of longer term rentals. Did you also know that Airbnb has a separate search portal for monthly sublets? I actually didn’t know about this until a friend who’s an experienced Superhost brought it up to me recently. Airbnb allows hosts to sublet their homes on a month-to-month basis.

Airbnb Sublet Pros

  1. Less hassle! You don’t have to deal with multiple guests.
  2. Tax exemptions! Some states don’t require you to collect a transient tax for stays that are less than 30 days.
  3. Stable income! You get paid out at the beginning of the month.

Now, it is not all rosy with longer term stays. Let’s explore the downsides!

Airbnb Sublet Cons

  1. Tenant rights. 🙁 Generally, this means that local tenancy laws could protect them, and you may not be able to remove them from your property without proceeding through required eviction processes in court.

I can guarantee you that 99% of the time, your guests will happily leave, but there is that 1% possibility that you might encounter a super jerk. This is how you can deal with it if it does happen:

  1. Contact Airbnb Support ASAP. Let them know that your guests have overstayed.
  2. Asking guests to sign a rental agreement. This will give you a peace of mind!

Alright, now let’s get into the how-to part of this blog post( the reason that you came, right? 😉 )!

If you’re interested in long-term sublets, then this is how you can do this.

Step 1 – Market Research

Do your due diligence and look at what your competitors are charging per month. You can do this by going to Make sure to narrow it down to your neighborhood or town.

Step 2 – Enablement

The first step is going to your Host dashboard and click on Calendar and that will take you here.

Airbnb Sublet

Then, click on Availability Setting on your top right corner. Once you there, go to your trip length section and click on minimal stay- change it to 30 days.

Guess what? That is all you have to do!

Airbnb will automatically calculate how much to charge based your rates.

Congratulations! Now, you can host long-term travelers in your home. The total price a potential long-term guest will see will be an all-inclusive monthly price.

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