What Is An Airbnb Guidebook?

Have a guest asking simple questions at every hour of the night? Did someone get locked out at an inopportune time? Is your showerhead one of those weird turn the knob while pushing in contraptions that nobody can figure out? An Airbnb Guidebook may just be the simple solution that you’re looking for.

In the most basic sense, an Airbnb guidebook is a place where short-term renters can compile all of the necessary information that their guests may need. This can include anything you deem necessary from house rules, solutions to common problems and emergency information.

But what’s the best way to go about this?

How To Display Your Airbnb Guidebook

Kicking It Old School

If you’re not the most tech-savvy renter out there and don’t have time to get into a complex system there are simple solutions to displaying your Airbnb guidebook. Print out the pages and place the sheets into protective covers in a three-ring binder for guests to enjoy. If you’re hoping to save the environment, save your Airbnb guidebook as a PDF that you can email to your guests before they arrive.

These two classic ways come with their own challenge of making sure the guidebook gets into the hands of each individual guests. Plus, if it’s just an attachment to an email how can you be sure that they’ll even read it?

Back To The Future

If you don’t mind navigating a little bit of technology, bringing your Airbnb guidebook into the current century as a website like WordPress or setting one up through a service can be easy and intuitive with some dedication. The guidebook can even be added as a link on your Airbnb listing.

The biggest advantage to having something digital is how easy it is to share, manage, and update any important information that you’re hoping to list. Another great feature is that it will allow your guests to access the guestbook from any device that they wish at any location. There’s no hassle about them ruining it or losing pages.

I have to say though, that the biggest perk is the opportunity for guests to easily search through the pages. One thing I’ve learned from my time blogging is that people don’t like to read blocks of texts. Having something easy to go through and search means fewer disturbances out of your day.

Airbnb Guidebook

How To Format Your Airbnb Guidebook

Just as a disclaimer, this is just one way to go about setting up your Airbnb guidebook. Feel free to experiment with what works best for you. Just as your listing is unique to you alone, so is the needs of your guidebook!

How I’ve seen most guidebooks is broken into four or five parts. This includes a welcoming section, house rules, a breakdown of all the essentials, info about the rooms available, and finally any valuable information about amenities or appliances.

Welcoming Them Home

The first few pages of the guide are often dedicating to welcoming them guest and making them feel like mi casa es tu casa. Use this section to give your guests a warm greeting and explain what this guidebook if for.

It’s not a bad idea to add your contact information and WiFi password in this section as well. It’s a little devious, but telling a guest that the WiFi password is in the guest book is the best way to get them to read it.

Breaking Down The Rules

While some renters like to have the rules listed in a separate, I like to keep all of my information in one convenient place. While this section can be put anywhere within the Airbnb guidebook, keeping it towards the front increases the chances that they’ll read it. This, of course, is less of a problem with a mobile or digital version of your guidebook.

Just as a reminder, make sure that the guests agree to any personalized house rules that you have before they show up for their stay.

Showcasing the Essentials

Whether your Airbnb guidebook showcases your hometown or just somewhere you don’t own the property, every unique location has items to showcase. It can be your favorite pizza place, to anywhere that accommodates to dietary restrictions, or even your favorite 4 am “I’m slightly intoxicated and I need diner food” spot.

This can also be the place to show information about your home. Break down the area from the different rooms the guests are able to access in the home. Don’t forget to give them any inside pointers for any specific areas of your home!

Gettin’ Flashy

The last thing to go through that will help to alleviate any headaches your guests may have. This involves how to use devices, appliances, and any special gadgets that you own. It’s much easier to have an Airbnb guidebook with this information available then receive an 11 pm text about how the hot tub works.

Airbnb Guidebook

What Digital Guide Books Are Already Available?

There are a lot of cool, new options popping up on the net to enhance your Airbnb guidebook experience. Three of the top choices that I’ve seen continuously recommended are Hostfully, Criton, and TouchStay. However, Criton has the advantage of being focused on a mobile experience.

Check out their services by scheduling a free demo with their services. They’ll often help to show you special features of the website to help to highlight what they have to offer.

Interested In Getting Started With Airbnb?

If you’re just starting out with Airbnb, check out my personalized coaching lessons that are currently on sale! I break down everything you need to know from the beginning in four easy thirty minute sessions over the course of four weeks.

Spots for the courses are very competitive and limited as I only take on a few clients at a time to help give them the attention that they need and deserve.

Have questions about setting up your Airbnb guidebook? Want to share what worked well for you and your guests? Post below!

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