Airbnb Essentials

Airbnb Essentials – Must-have Items to Rank Higher on Airbnb

Airbnb Essentials

Did you catch it?

Airbnb’s recent update made it a requirement to have these so-called “Airbnb Essentials.” What’s the big fuzz? And how do you rank higher than other hosts if you already have these Airbnb essentials?

You landed on the right blog. We’ll go over that in just a second.

What are Airbnb Essentials?

The premise behind this new update was to standardize what we, hosts need to provide to guests… It’s a further move to compete with hotel amenities.

Have you ever checked into a hotel and didn’t see any towels or bed sheets? No, I didn’t think so.

That’s exactly what Airbnb is trying to do to their almost 1 million hosts. Let’s dig into what you need to provide to every guest. If you follow these must-have items, then as a reward, Airbnb will rank your listing higher than other hosts.

Kaching. More money in your pockets!

Use your Common Sense. I am not suggesting you buy everything that you can possibly think of because that would be an overkill. I suggest following my favorite rule: 80/20. What is the minimal amount of stuff you need to get to achieve 80% of the results?

What is included in Airbnb Essentials?

Did you notice the “Progress” bar on the header when you log into your host account? Once you click on Progress, you should be able to see opportunities. This is where you can maximize your Airbnb SEO

Airbnb Essentials

As you can see, I have fulfilled all of the opportunities. To save you some time, I’ll list out what you need to provide to guests in order to check that box.

  • Linens/sheets
  • At least one towel per booked guest
  • At least one pillow per booked guest

Just last week, one of my long-term guests texted me and told me they ran out of toilet paper. So, what did I do? I called my cleaner to have her deliver some TP the next day.

I’m usually very good about that, but it always a best practice to keep extra TP laying around!

My favorite Airbnb Amenities

Airbnb Essentials

Airbnb Towels

What kind of towels do you have for your guests?

I used to have pretty rough ones and had to replace all of them because a couple of my guests complained…

That stung and lowered my review that otherwise would have been 5-stars. I now use these towels from Amazon.

I haven’t had one guest complained about them after 9 months! Winning!

Airbnb Bed Sheets & Linens

I’m not a guy that will spend hundreds on them. I’m more practical, but that’s not to say I’m not willing to throw down some dollars for quality bed sheets and linens.

Pro-tip: don’t buy the most expensive ones. Your guests will provide enough wear and tear that will make you cringe. I’d definitely do not recommend your favorite ones either.

I use these bed sheets and linens. They are quality made and are at a decent price.

Airbnb Pillows

Honestly, I don’t think it matters that much. Just make sure you get some decent ones like these gel ones that I have.

There you have it guys! Get ready to make more money.

( Here is a list of my top-rating products that my guests have loved)


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