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Why Using An Airbnb Consultant Is Essential

What’s your dream job? Regardless of your field, most people will answer, ‘One that offers financial freedom and time.’

Would you believe me if I said that is exactly what Airbnb Arbitrage allows? Working with an Airbnb Consultant is the gateway to a new career and the flexibility to live the life you are meant to live.

Airbnb ConsultantAirbnb consultant

Why Using an Airbnb Consultant Is Essential

If you are considering a career move or just looking for freedom from the corporate grind, then Airbnb Arbitrage could be your answer.

Starting any business from scratch is intimidating, and the technical nature of Airbnb Arbitrage can appear overwhelming to beginners. This is where hiring an Airbnb Consultant becomes essential.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is the largest lodging company in the world with an annual turn over of 31 billion dollars. It’s a simple concept: a homeowner uses Airbnb to market their property to millions of people looking for a place to stay.

Usually, these are short-term leases for a vacation or business trip. A short-term lease invariably allows the owner to charge a higher premium than a long tenancy.

Since its inception in 2007 Airbnb has been targeted as a way to make money. Over time, cash-rich entrepreneurs realized that they could make more profit if they bought multiple properties and rented them out for a higher premium using Airbnb.

While this is a great way to save capital, it may not offer the average person a fluid cash flow and the opportunity to reinvest back into the business. And what happens if you can’t afford multiple properties to invest in? How can you run an Airbnb business then?

Airbnb consultant

What is Passive Airbnb?

Airbnb Arbitrage is the practice of renting properties from owners as a long term let, then leasing them via Airbnb as a short term let for a higher price.

For example: If you rent an apartment for $1,000 a month and find out your neighbor is renting his nightly for $100, this means you only need to rent the unit out for 10 nights to break even. However, if you rent the vacation rental for 20 or even 30 nights you’ve made a profit with little effort!

What is Airbnb Consultant?

Airbnb consultant is someone who is providing consultative solutions to specific challenges that help vacation rental owners. Most of the times he specializes in Airbnb Hosting, management systems, and marketing for the Airbnb rentals.

Why Use an Airbnb Consultant?

So, if Airbnb arbitrage sounds like it could work for you, where do you begin?

Imagine starting a new business armed with foresight and all the benefits of hindsight. An Airbnb Consultant has taken those fledgling steps and reaped the benefits of experience for you as an Airbnb Host. An Airbnb Consultant is a mentor, teacher, and confident with the knowledge and advice to smooth your career path to success. And you can’t find a better reason to hire such of Airbnb Entrepreneur.

On the other hand, if you have reasons to hire an expert real estate broker with a lot of experience, keep in mind that he can offer solutions to specific challenges and situations about a particular type of rental property. But he is not an Airbnb Expert.

Why Use an Airbnb Consultant

Passive Airbnb

Sam Zuo is the owner of Passive Airbnb, one of the top 10 Airbnb blogs globally. Sam is the manager of a vast portfolio of Airbnb listings and the happy recipient of a six-figure passive income. Even though he has a lot of experience running Passive Airbnb, Sam has made the mistakes and gained a host of valuable insights. This places him in a unique position providing consultative expertise. A field where he has experienced outsiders evaluation in specific challenges and situations.

Sam Zuo

A meteoric rise through the ranks in corporate technology left Sam financially sound but emotionally burnt out. After years of sitting behind a desk working a 60-hour week, Sam realized that there was more to life than work and made immediate steps to change it.

Like most entrepreneurs, not all of his early endeavors worked. However, every failed venture offered a valuable lesson.

A brief stint with a gift card reselling business was subject to scam artists. Sam’s drop shipping Ebay store was successful but the margins were too small to survive on, let alone grow the business. It was only when the idea of Passive Airbnb rentals was realized that Sam knew he had hit gold.

Sam started his Airbnb Arbitrage business with $5,000. By carefully reinvesting money back into the business, he now manages a huge portfolio of properties. These turnover in excess of $10,000 a month. Even better, this hugely profitable business requires very little day-to-day running.

Airbnb Entrepreneur

Financial Freedom With No Time Constraints

Through Passive Airbnb and Airbnb Arbitrage, Sam states he is, “ in a place of financial and emotional freedom.”

With all the free time that Passive Airbnb offers, Sam wanted to help others. He started running a series of online courses and consultant opportunities, tailored specifically for Airbnb Arbitrage.

As an Airbnb Consultant, Sam has gone into detail documenting exactly how he earns over $10,000 a month with very little hands-on work. Sam shares what he’s learned and has made the rookie errors for you.

Working with Sam means working with someone who has actually run the business. He is an Airbnb host that is working with data scientists in order to find the most profitable Airbnb listings. This is opposed to other internet experts who use theories they have never put into practice!

Airbnb Host

Hiring An Airbnb Consultant

Spend a little time on Sam’s website, Passive Airbnb, or his social media group, and you will get a taste of his range of experience.

While his blog offers free advice to those considering starting a business and those currently in the thick of it, Sam learned the hard way that blogs and articles only take you so far. Nothing can compare to first-hand advice and active mentorship.

In order to succeed you need to bring in an experienced Airbnb entrepreneur who can provide proven solutions to the new vacation rental owners. Airbnb expert that can introduce new ideas procedures that can make you killing on Airbnb. A true pricing strategy in this sharing economy for your Airbnb business.

Sam runs a number of courses tailored to suit your requirements. There is a complete start-up package, which shares insights on the best locations to set up your business, what real estate properties are the most profitable, how to negotiate with landlords or property managers, marketing, and SEO management. How to have professional photographs for your rental property and analyze diagnose the rental businesses.

There is more than being just an Airbnb Manager. You need to implement management systems in order to be effective and be perceived as a small and fast company that offers personalized experiences.

Whichever package you choose gets you direct access to Sam. This allows you to work through personal issues as you build your business. A personalized program will see you as the recipient of a decent income within a matter of weeks.

You can always join his social media, a group where you can find another vacation rental data scientists.

Signing up for an online course or a personal consultation with Sam is a sure-fire way of starting your business with confidence.

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