30 Airbnb Competitors and Alternatives for Hosts

If you’re first starting out, I’d definitely recommend staying with Airbnb as your sole booking platform.

But why? I want to diversify my booking platforms so I can maximize my income potential.

While it’s lucrative to try and list your property across VRBO, Bookings, and other popular sites, it’s important for you to get it right with one platform first.

A couple of other things to consider:

  1. Calendar syncing issues: when you have multiple platforms, you’ll have to make sure to block out calendars so you’re not double booked. That gets annoying quick if you don’t already have an automated tool.
  2. Currently, I have my properties at VRBO and Booking. I’m not impressed by either of them. VRBO sends me one reservation once a month and lots of scams. Booking has yet to send me anything.

That said if you’re having an Airbnb dry season, here’s a mega-list that I’ve been compiling to help you out.

30 Airbnb Competitors ranked from Most Popular to Less Popular

  1. TripAdvisor – Owning twenty other travel media brands, TripAdvisor was named one of the largest global travel sites online by comScore Media Metrix in October 2017. Since then, they have certainly continued to grow and thrive.

    Setting up your listing is free, and any guest payment is done through their secure system. Easy. As a travel and listing powerhouse, Airbnb better watches their back.
  2. FlipKey – Remember two seconds ago when I said Trip Advisor owned twenty other travel media brands? This is one of them. FlipKey has the added bonus of housing an Airbnb-like market. Most of the properties are condos, houses, and other vacation getaways.
  3. Cottage Rentals – Specialize in cottages? This website is exclusively for chalet rentals and has some of the most beautiful and serene listings that I have ever seen! It costs host a flat fee of $150 a year to rent out your place on their site. Getting into a niche market likes this helps to draw a targeted crowd.

    However, the downside to this website has been listed that nothing is automated. Anything from gathering deposits, pricing, or making bookings has to be done manually, a huge change from Airbnb’s convenient systems.

    Still, it turns out that this site is highly popular in Quebec, expanding to Ontario, the Maritimes, and certain places in the US.
  4. Booking – Simple, easy, does exactly what it says on the tin. Part of Booking Holdings Inc, the website hosts hotel rooms, apartments, homes, and even boats for rent. They also help to make accommodations for flights, car rentals, and taxis. A jack of all trades website, if you will.

    One of the great advantages to posting your listing on a website that does it all is the fact that it’s the perfect one shop stop for any potential clients. They’ll want to get all of their travel plans done in a single place, including booking your listing.
  5. Luxury Retreats – For those offering a high-end experience, Luxury Retreats may be a viable option for your listing. The company states that they are a full-service villa rental company.

    This is another Montreal-based company that started with only one small property in 1999. Since then, they have expanded to owning over 4,000 properties with over 100 global locations.

    As of this moment, there are currently no sign-up costs or fees for joining this Airbnb competitor.
  6. 9Flats – A brand that focuses on renting properties that are from a comfy, personal, and affordable world. This site is great for the average Airbnb that’s just looking for another place to list. They also have the option of renting out someone else’s space and being a co-host.
  7. Misterb&b – Looking for a little more diversity with your bookings? Misterb&b specializes in providing private rooms and cozy atmosphere for the gay community. The company states that they envision to create a world where the LGBQTA community can easily travel and forge great connections.
  8. Housetrip – Yet another brand spun off from TripAdvisor. As growing Airbnb Competitors, they’re focused on Holiday Rentals in the UK. They want to expand to every corner of the globe.
  9. Homestay – This company values offering quality and affordable housing. Any locations posted is said to have a host present in order to bring the “homestay experience” to light. While not ideal for Airbnb arbitrage, there’s still a great opportunity for those who have cultivated an in-home experience with their clients.
  10. Kinkbnb – No shame here. You do you.
  11. Innclusive – Another excellent opportunity for diversity, this brand advertises themselves as a having welcoming and affordable listings for guests to enjoy. They describe themselves as a platform that celebrates people and wanting to bring the global community together.

    Although Airbnb has never stated that they are not diversity-friendly, Airbnb competitors that share this amiability upfront have an advantage of giving off a warmer vibe.
  12. Stayz – Focused on travel in Australia, this organization offers a variety of top locations with specific filters. Travelers are easily able to see popular searches or find pet-friendly rentals with a click of a button.
  13. Noirbnb – Proud to advertise their niche market, Noirbnb has a focus on celebrating travelers of color. The offer to create better and safer experiences for the African American tourism industry.

    The creator of the site has an inspiring story of how they took their lousy travel experience and are turning it into something positive for other people. Regardless of your background, everyone deserves to feel safe in their environment and be treated with respect.
  14. Tujia – Based in China and partnered with HomeAway, Inc, Tujia acts as a full travel agency for Chinese Travelers. They hope to act as a full service and anticipate any needs a guest may have. There is a language barrier for this website.
  15. Student Inn – Previously known as Erasmusinn, Student Inn offers long-term student housing in the UK. They currently have listings in 10+ cities with around 14,000 current listings. 
  16. Tripping – A mega-site that allows you to search and filter through all of the world’s top rental organizations such as HomeAway, TripAdvisor, VRBO, and a few others. Having all of these Airbnb competitors in one place has to be an overwhelming sight for Airbnb. 
  17. Overnight – This organization allows for you to list your housing privately, or to list it anonymously. It offers the added benefit of hosting to friends or people that you trust. 
  18. Gowithoh – Another site focused on the European market, although they do have some listings available in the US. The American locations lean towards the more significant touristy attractions such as New York City. 
  19. Perfectplaces – With no service fees, this smaller community of around 75,000 available vacations rentals is excellent for start-ups or small gigs. 
  20. Wimdu – Another organization high on the list of Airbnb competitors, Wimdu has over one million registered users. This company is especially popular in Europe and is a great opportunity for short-term renters. 
  21. BedyCasa – Another travel site focused on European listing, this company has about 60,000 locations available that offer housing to travelers, families, and students! 
  22. OneFineStay – For those who have high-level listings with little time to manage, this Airbnb competitor is right up your alley. Onefinestay takes care of every part of the renting process from maintenance to marketing.

    Their services even offer to come in, visit, and photograph the listing for advertisements. They go so far as to prepare the location with their brand of sheets, towels, and toiletries before each stay. Talk about quality service!
  23. HomeAway – Next to TripAdvisor, HomeAway is yet another powerhouse on the Airbnb competitors list. They have a variety of brands underneath them, several included on this list. HomeAway offers easy to use tools, and their market reaches across 190 countries. About a year or so ago they were acquired by Expedia in a $4 million deal.

    The most significant problem hosts have with HomeAway is the cost. They offer you two payment options for a yearly $349 subscription or 8% of each booking. With Airbnb only charging 3%, I can’t let go of my true love. 
  24. TravelMob – Another spinoff site from the HomeAway family. TravelMob advertises the advantages of living securely and like a local. They also choose to highlight that you can rent an entire home for the same cost of a hotel. 
  25. Kid & Coe – A unique, but smart, niche of the market, Kid & Coe focuses on the stress of having to travel with kids. They host listings that are family-friendly locations, helping to provide baby equipment, equipment rental, and other services parents will enjoy. Each listing has been reviewed by their team to make sure that the environment is suitable for families.
  26. RentingBase – A non-profit organization that helps the host to start listing their properties for free. They offer unlimited listings with 0% commissions, which is something you don’t usually see. The catch here is that they claim they aren’t a travel agency, and they provide free advertising for the accommodation owners.

    Also, you’re not allowed to message guests outside of their system. It seems that as one of Airbnb’s competitors, they aren’t fond of the idea of you cross-listing. 
  27. Trivago – Another travel site with deep European roots, Trivago started out in the hotel business. Unlike Airbnb, the locations listed often do not have hosts present. This is great for any places you’re listing that you do not personally live in.

    Another perk of their website is their search engine and user interface. The site is straightforward for guests to use and navigate. 
  28. Outdoorsy – When you think of travel rentals, this organization might not be what you first expect. Outdoorsy is proclaimed to be one of the largest and most trusted RV rental sites on the market. That’s certainly a tall order to fill. If your listing has wheels, consider using Outdoorsy.
  29. VacayHero – Previously known on the net as Zaranga, this website has over 10,000 rental spaces across the US. Profits and bookings are handled directly through their site as well as cleaning and service fees.

    Hosts consider VacayHero as a happy medium between renting out their listing and ensuring that their property is up to par with VaycayHero’s necessary services
  30. VacationHomeRentals – All hail the TripAdvisor overlords!

Are you booked?

If you’re having trouble with open spaces in your calendar, cross-listing is one of your best options.

Do you know of any other useful sites for Airbnb hosts that I’ve missed?

Feel free them with me in the comments below!

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