9 Must-have fun games for your Airbnb renta

9 Must-Have Fun Games For Your Airbnb Rental

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Not every renter looks forward to a weekend filled with sightseeing or nights out on the town. More and more travelers want to escape the hectic hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. They just want to enjoy a quiet getaway or a relaxing staycation. And even in the most exciting destinations, adverse weather can sometimes change the best-laid plans.

Whatever the reason, if your guests want to hang out at your Airbnb, it’s in your best interest to keep them entertained. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best games for your Airbnb. There’s something for everyone for all those times when your guests want to just want to stay in.

Games For Game Fanatics

Some people love games. Whether at home or away, they are always in the mood to play. Savvy Airbnb hosts know how to cater to this market.

In fact, some hosts have gone as far as theming their entire property around games. A house dubbed The Great Escape Lakeside has 13 bedrooms and each is themed around a different game, including a chess room, a Pacman room, laser tag and more!

Retro Games

Not everyone can spend the time and effort – and money — it takes to transform their entire property, but you can still please the game aficionados. For instance, you can provide limited edition board games that will delight game fans and everyday guests alike. It’s a low cost but a simple way to add something special to your Airbnb rental.

Battleship Game Retro Series 1967 Edition

Retro games like this 1967 version of Battleship bring back a happy sense of nostalgia.

MEEPHONG Retro Game Console

Sometimes we just want to escape from the latest, most high tech games. That’s when vintage video games like this retro game console come in. Let guests relive their childhood!

Mattel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots

Recreate those happy childhood days with Mattel Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots. This game has a retro fun written all over it. 

Family Friendly Games

Holidays are about spending quality family time and family friendly Airbnbs can help get kids away from their phones. Classics are a safe bet for family games. But, GIANT versions of those games add a wow factor. They’ll set you apart from the standard. Check out these games that can help families create fond memories from their trip.

Jenga Giant

Jenga Giant is a great twist on the classic because it’s triple the size. Can be played indoor or outside.

Giant 4 in a Row

This Giant 4 in a Row game is fun for all ages. Perfect for outside or inside play.

Sorry Board Game

Grownups can wallow in nostalgia while the younger set learns to love this classic game.

Adult Games

Even if your Airbnb rental is more adult-focused, games are the perfect way to liven up an evening. Your older guests will enjoy these picks.

Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is the adult card game that defines a generation. Nothing gets people laughing more than a round with these naughty cards. 

Exit: Dead Man on The Orient Express

Love mysteries? Want the excitement of an escape room experience without having to go anywhere? Exit: Dead Man on the Orient Express gives a unique date night experience right in your Airbnb rental!

Telestrations After Dark

Combines the fun of Pictionary with the hilarity of the game of Telephone.

Whether you opt to have just a couple of games or multiple options, these suggestions are sure to brighten up your guest’s experience.

Disclaimer: PassiveAirbnb.com is part of the Amazon Associates Program. We get a commission every time you buy something from these links. It helps to support our hungry writing staff. 

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  • Andrew Bruce
    Posted at 18:47h, 21 February Reply

    Great recs, Sam! Love the addition of “Retro Games”. A card game I must suggest is called KOMBIO! It’s great because you can play it 1v1 or with a group. My partner and I love to pack it when traveling and staying in Airbnbs. Here’s the website: kombio.cards

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