5-star Airbnb Review

6 Ways To Get 5-Star Airbnb Reviews

Customer service has never been more important than it is today for getting 5-star reviews. The internet has given consumers greater power to make informed choices. The internet has also given consumers a bigger voice, and a platform to express their views. 

For businesses, a bad review or negative social sentiment can be devastating. Airbnb is no exception. Ratings and reviews can make or break your success as a host. 

Both Airbnb guests and hosts leave online reviews after every completed trip. Reviews are unavoidable, and an important part of the Airbnb Model.

The Importance of 5-star Reviews

Good reviews are important for many reasons. Positive Airbnb reviews will increase occupancy rates. 5-star reviews generate more traffic and increase your property’s rank on the platform. The more traffic generated for your page, the higher the demand for the Airbnb property.

Travelers of all types care about reviews. New Airbnb travelers can be nervous. These customers are often more discerning and cautious when choosing an Airbnb. Seasoned Airbnb travelers will have a larger basis of comparison. They know what makes a good or bad experience.

Not all reviews can be 5-star reviews. But, 80% of your reviews need to be five stars to get Superhost status. To help our hosts get great reviews we’ve put together this handy guide. 

Here are 6 top airbnb tips to help hosts get 5-star reviews

1. Set Clear Expectations & Meet Them

It’s essential to set expectations for your guests before they even book your property. If you provide information up front there is less grey area for misinterpretation or disappointment.

Set clear expectations by providing a thorough and realistic description of your property. Be sure to use realistic photographs – the more the better. Make sure the rooms are just as clean and tidy as the photographs when guests arrive.

Outline all amenities, including the use of cooking spaces or parking. Be sure to meet the expectations you set out on your property page. Any amenities you list should be in working order. No one wants to choose a house because it has a hot tub, then discover it is permanently out of order.

We all know that life doesn’t always go to plan. Things break, plans change, and the weather can be unpredictable. If something at your property changes you should make your booked guests aware. 

Guests will appreciate a heads-up about any broken cooking equipment or facilities. Let guests know in advance if anything about the property has changed. Give guests the opportunity to book elsewhere if required. For minor changes, such as a broken toaster, guests are unlikely to cancel. 

We all appreciate honesty, and guests are far less likely to write a bad review if informed of changes in advance.

2. Make Things As Convenient As Possible

We know that Airbnb’s are not hotels with a fully staffed round the clock reception. They are often run by a single person who may have another day job or family commitments that they need to work around. However, an Airbnb that is inconvenient is one of the common complaints in a bad review. 

Wherever possible try and make check-in as smooth as possible. You can make the process smooth either by being physically available or offering a convenient lock box. Other conveniences include a stock of toilet paper, tissues and hand soap.

Spare light bulbs and batteries can save your guests from a late-night call if a light goes out. Good quality, reliable wi-fi is a modern-day must-have. 

Think about the services a hotel offers, and how you could replicate them, for example offering a left luggage option. Recommend companies like Bounce who allow you to store luggage in secure locations across major US cities. 

3. Avoid Unexpected Negatives

Most locations have some negative qualities. But if you’re honest about your property’s shortcomings upfront, your guests won’t find anything unexpected to complain about.

State the negative features of your property in your listing but try and add a positive twist. For example, if you live in a noisy neighborhood explain that it is a busy, vibrant area which may not be suitable for light sleepers.

Be sure to disclose if you have pets, or risk a guest having an allergic reaction. If parking is limited make this clear but suggest suitable parking areas. Remember that some visitors may have disabilities or mobility issues.

You should be clear about the availability of nearby parking, elevators, stairs or other potential barriers. Don’t post a property and fail to mention it is a top floor walk-up! 

4. Communicate Clearly for more frequent 5-star reviews

Communication is essential to a good hosting experience. It is not only about the in-person experience. Communication starts with a good property description and continues up-to and throughout your guest’s stay. If doing a key exchange in person be sure to give a warm, friendly welcome. 

If you have appliances or facilities which are unusual you should leave clear instructions. You can print and laminate instructions. Wi-fi issues are one of the most common Airbnb complaints.

Other items that may need explanation include air conditioning, laundry machines, dishwashers or heating. Additionally, it is a good idea to compile a house manual. 

At all times make yourself available by phone and email and be quick to respond to any questions. Be careful to communicate clearly and cohesively, to avoid being viewed as terse or vague.

5. Go The Extra Mile

That little something extra goes a long way, especially in the hospitality and tourism business. Think of the little things that make a hotel stay that much better. That nice feeling you get when a hotel leaves chocolates on your pillow or offers a free glass of champagne on arrival. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to offer something extra. Going the extra mile could also include providing some local tourist guides or maps of the area. Try leaving a few essentials in the fridge and pantry, such as premium coffee, milk, and tea. A personalized welcome card is another sweet touch that sets you apart. 

The key here is under promise and over deliver. Don’t tell guests these extra touches will be available, keep them as a pleasant surprise.

6. Learn From Past Mistakes

Very few hosts will get all 5-star reviews. If you’re just getting started or have a less than perfect record be sure to learn from your mistakes. Read all your reviews and look for areas where you need improvement.

If guests complain about cleanliness, invest in a professional cleaning service. If they complain about noise, add a note in your description, or if the wi-fi keeps cutting out on people, change your provider. 

Some of the hardest criticism to read is personal. It’s easy to take offense if your guests criticize your demeanor or communication. If you think a review written about you is false or exaggerated, you can write a response that will show up directly below the review.

Your response will be visible to other guests and hosts. Before writing a knee jerk response, take a day or two to think over the comments. A hostile or rude response won’t do you any favors, so be polite, honest and humble. Admit any mistakes and talk through your attempts to fix them.

If you want more tips to get 5-star reviews and be an Airbnb Superhost check out our Ultimate Airbnb Superhost Checklist.

  • Jessica
    Posted at 10:11h, 27 September Reply

    Great post with good advise, thanks! One thing that’s helped me get more reviews is asking guests for a review after their stay. I leave them a review and then let them know I gave them a 5 star review. If they haven’t left me a review after 10 days, I send them a second message telling them how important reviews are to me and asking them to leave a review. This combination has given me a very high review rate which has helped make my property stand out. It seems like a lot of work to send these messages and leave reviews but it’s not because I use an automated messaging tool. There are a few out there and I’ve tried them all. They all are pretty good and all do the same thing but my favorite is super host tools. hope that helps.

    • Sam Zuo
      Posted at 08:42h, 25 December Reply

      Great technique!

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