25 new Airbnb updates for better hosting

It’s been a while since Airbnb released any kind of update. It’s been even longer since I last wrote a blog post. Passive Airbnb has taken more of a passive content creation. I still hop on email and answer questions once in a while. Okay, so without further ado, here are the 25 new features.

25 new Airbnb updates for Hosts

Enhanced Pricing Visibility:

Hosts can easily access the complete nightly price across the app, ensuring transparency for guests’ payments.

Effortless Date Selection:

Hosts have the convenience of selecting date ranges by swiping on the calendar, eliminating the need to tap each individual day.

Streamlined Checkouts:

Hosts can swiftly generate checkout instructions by selecting from a predefined list of items, reducing the setup time.

Message Acknowledgment:

Both guests and hosts receive read receipts for messages, providing assurance that their communications have been seen.

Co-Host Management:

A new dedicated tab empowers hosts to oversee co-hosts, manage their permissions, and handle payouts.

Exclusive Early Access:

Hosts can explore new features in advance, actively contributing to fine-tuning through valuable feedback.

Comprehensive Price Breakdown:

An updated breakdown provides insight into guests’ payments and hosts’ earnings, enhancing financial clarity.

Competitive Insights:

Hosts can stay competitive by checking the average prices of similar listings nearby.

Unified Pricing Tools:

Calendar tools have been refreshed, ensuring a consistent experience across different devices.

Flexible Discounts:

Hosts can apply weekly and monthly discounts using a slider while observing the impact on guests’ final prices.

Yearly Calendar Overview on Mobile:

Hosts will soon access their year-long availability and monthly pricing on a single screen.

Tailored Checkout Instructions:

Hosts can create specific checkout instructions to enhance the departure experience for guests.

Automated Checkout Details:

Guests will receive automated checkout information a day before their departure.

Seamless Checkout Notifications:

With a simple tap, guests can notify hosts upon checking out.

Efficient Checkout Communication:

Hosts can share checkout instructions seamlessly using updated inbox tools.

Showcasing Room Host Reviews:

Airbnb Room hosts’ profiles now highlight memorable quotes about the host from reviews.

Personalized Host Profiles:

Hosts can customize their profiles with engaging details, such as favorite high school songs.

Sharing Travel Experiences:

Hosts can showcase their travel history to offer insights into their travel preferences.

Connecting Through Interests:

Hosts can select hobbies from a predefined list to discover shared interests with guests.

Expanded Guest Profiles:

Guests can enrich their profiles with additional information, including interests and past trips.

Effortless Co-Host Invitations:

Inviting co-hosts is now simplified, making it more convenient for hosts to manage their listings.

Enhanced Co-Host Permissions:

Hosts can grant co-hosts various levels of access, from full permissions to calendar and inbox access only.

Flexible Co-Host Payouts:

Hosts can distribute co-host payouts as a percentage or fixed amount, offering flexibility.

Global Guest Identity Verification:

All booking guests worldwide will undergo identity verification, enhancing security.

Worldwide Reservation Screening:

The technology to mitigate party risks and property damage is now available globally.

What do you think of the new updates? Does it make your hosting easier or harder? Have you used Airbnb in the last 30 days? 90 days? 180 days? When you go on a vacation, do you check Airbnb first or hotels?

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